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10. April 2018
Our Little Darlings all wanted a photo shoot before they changed for the warm spring days.

14. May 2016
It's so nice out! All our Little Darlings are ready for adventures in the garden! These girls are wondering, Where are Tink and Xennia?

18. April 2016
Asa meets a newcomer to Dolltown, Kasma the Clown. We found him recently at the Bailey House, a place that sells things no one else wants. How could anyone not want this adorable guy! We do! Kasma is still wearing his hangtag, which is where he gets his name. Apparently the Kasma Collection has been a leading supplier of hand-made collectors dolls for years, and our clown looks like he has been around for years. So we are letting him keep his hangtag on. He's so used to it! Kasma is just...

29. February 2016
Valentine, our stylist for the Valentine party, took the plunge with several Dolltown Little Darlings and changed their looks... We love the changes so far. Let's live with them for a while to see if the changes stay! Thanks Valentine!

Rocking chair on a porch
05. August 2015
I just finished writing about how dolls stay where you put them... But I admit I had a thought a while back, that one of these days I am going to find my dolls Somewhere Else. That they have synthed somehow and are making choices for themselves. Moving from room to room, partying, going for night walks under the full moon. And I will have lost the advantage of Total Control. Causing confusion. I thought it had happened already the other day, when I discovered 3 of my little dolly children in...

24. July 2015
Speaking of car rides...I carry a 72 hour bag in the car, which sounds super organized, but it is probably missing a few things a few things, things I would be sorry weren't there. If we were in a pinch... Lately I have caught myself thinking that there ought to be a doll in that bag. But which one? Who gets to live in the 72 hour bag? It's a dilemma because I don't have any volunteers. Okay, I haven't actually asked. (Excuse me?) I can't, off the top of my head, think of one of my dolls that I...

21. July 2015
Just as I am leaving to embark on a road trip, or even pop down to the post office, if I pass a dolly by, I get the request... I keep a couple of doll travel bags handy, pretty pink silk and sturdy black corduroy, but my dolls are not picky. A cloth grocery bag will do. Actually, I do have one doll who prefers the pink drawstring.... (Get a grip on yourself! Seriously? ...I'd rather not answer. I don't like your tone.) When I admitted to a friend, a close friend, that a doll usually goes with...

20. July 2015
I am a doll photographer and collector and Suzy, my next door neighbor is a quilter-extraordinaire... It was only a matter of time before I made a request of her. I wanted a cute little quilt, made from my children's childhood fabrics, for my dolls to picnic on. This is one side of my new beautiful, reversible, 18" doll quilt. It was hard for me to choose between my favorite fabrics, full of memories. So Suzy suggested a red side and a pink side, solving my dilemma. And she brought out her fat...

18" Crissy Doll and Agnes Dreary doll, with an American Girl salon chair
15. July 2015
The scale of my dolls, the relative sizes of one doll to another, has surfaced as an issue again as I share my doll photos with Someone I Know. And I find I am facing a kind of doll discrimination.... As I began my doll collecting in earnest again a while back, I was paying a lot of attention to scale. I collected lots of photos and information for reference, measuring my dollies and pouring over photos of dolls that might be a good fit. Since I was starting with a variety of sizes and...

14. July 2015
Choosing dolls for your collection is a personal thing, but we have reasons... Once we identify why we are collecting dolls, or what we love about it, the choices we make can be based on a variety of factors: the age and era of the dolls we collect the designer or company the look of the doll the material the doll is made of the size we want the handle ability the use it will be put to the source the cost And we may ask, how will the doll fit in to the collection? Are we filling a gap? Are we...

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