Is it just me, or do your dolls ask to go along on car rides?

Just as I am leaving to embark on a road trip, or even pop down to the post office, if I pass a dolly by, I get the request...


I keep a couple of doll travel bags handy,  pretty pink silk and sturdy black corduroy, but my dolls are not picky. A cloth grocery bag will do. Actually, I do have one doll who prefers the pink drawstring....

(Get a grip on yourself! Seriously? ...I'd rather not answer. I don't like your tone.)


When I admitted to a friend, a close friend, that a doll usually goes with me everywhere, she said I needed a doll car seat. I looked at her closely to see if she was mocking me.

(She is not a convert yet, only asking me to get a particularly cute doll for her granddaughter. But since she added it was so they could have fun spending time playing together, I am hopeful.) 


I asked her if the car seat idea was to keep the doll safe? What's the matter with being tucked into my tote? That's pretty safe. But she replied that it was so the dolls could see better on their ride!  How nice!

(She's mocking you.)


If only I had the courage. 

But if I keep reading those Facebook posts long enough, the ones that say go ahead and be your crazy self and never mind the haters, maybe I'll start looking for a little car seat. A really high one.


My dollies would love it!

At least, that's what I think they'd feel.

If they could, I mean.



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    Jano (Friday, 17 June 2016 12:46)

    Hey! I didn't know that!
    2nd largest hobby after stamp collecting!
    I have certainly found that the people I've "met", online pretty much, ARE very nice.
    And I love the fashion world focus, using the dolls sent to the "New World" from France to show the ladies in the big houses what the latest fashions were! I ran into that as a child and found the idea enchanting.
    And found your FDS site early on in my research last year, talking about it to friends....
    ...with your doll models superimposed? against the runway shows.
    Love the range in the doll collecting world. Love seeing doll collections. Love spending time on You Tube, watching doll collectors giving tours of all their dolls...
    Thanks April!
    I figure I might want to travel to Paris one day, in March!
    Not quite ready to pack yet but...
    (haha...I am SO not a traveler. But a car seat for short road trips is a possibility!)

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    April (Friday, 17 June 2016 12:27)

    Well, first of all, I'm sure by now, you have discovered that you are part of an enormous universe! Doll collecting is the second largest hobby after stamp collecting!! Personally I find that doll folks are a very special breed of people...really good, friendly people who are still feeling their inner child! I've been lucky with people's responses to my collecting dolls. In fashion, designers have been embracing dolls, in one form or another....forever. Thirty years ago I attended a show where all the top French designers created something for Barbie. A little later I saw the "Theatre de la Mode" 16" fashion figurines the French couture used to promote their wares in the 1940's. And, up until last year, designers in Paris were invited to participate in the "Frimousses des Createurs" Ragdoll fundraiser for UNICEF!) Actually there is a huge doll convention in Paris in mid-March and a reborn fair in November. So, it's all to are in the VERY good company of many (sane) folks!!! Car seat for dolly? They have everything else....why not!!!

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    Charlotte Trayer (Wednesday, 22 July 2015 01:58)

    Well, why not?! LOL

    One year dh and I took a road trip back to the midwest, and I brought along my Molly (American Girl doll). There were times she rode on top of my pillow, which was on top of some other things, so she could see out the window! :-) I did cover her up if we were parking somewhere for a meal, etc., and brought her into the motel with me every night, of course.

    One of our stops was at AG Place in Chicago (this was before they had one in the Seattle area), so I dressed Molly up in a vintage-style dress I had made, her ruffled anklets and patent Mary Janes, and took her in with me. She got many nice comments, and, although my dh refused to hold her while I went into the restroom, he did sit near our shopping basket, and Molly was perched in that. I took a quick picture, which I'm not sure he has ever seen!! LOL

    We had recently celebrated our wedding anniversary, and I saved shopping for my present from him until we got there. I got Felicity....and a few other things!