Dolls are going on my 72 hour survival pack list. Seriously.


Speaking of car rides...I carry a 72 hour bag in the car, which sounds super organized, but it is probably missing a few things a few things, things I would be sorry weren't there. If we were in a pinch...


Lately I have caught myself thinking that there ought to be a doll in that bag. But which one? Who gets to live in the 72 hour bag?

It's a dilemma because I don't have any volunteers.

Okay, I haven't actually asked.

(Excuse me?)


I can't, off the top of my head, think of one of my dolls that I would want to stick in that tight spot. Maybe Hugh, because he seems a little grumpy and snobby, which I couldn't tell from his picture when I ordered him. (Seems so hard for them to make a great Ken doll!)


But would I pack his girlfriend too? Then I am two down. Should I just put all my Barbies in there? There aren't many and they don't get a lot of photo action anyway.

Whoops, no, I got a fast answer on that one. Not Moana, my vintage, so not her buddies Liz or Butler. Imagine Liz Taylor in a stuffy bag! Not likely.

My reasoning for having a doll in my 72 hour bag is because I think my dolls are good, good for me, like medicine. 

But also because I seriously love my dolls (seriously?) and I would not want to lose them all in a disaster. So, water, food, medicine, bandaids, dolls...Try putting that list on a survival site. Ouch. I can see the comments now....


Kids would understand, but only a small number of grown ups would get it. 

That's it! I'll say it's for the children! Genius. (What children? ....Well, any children!)


Okay, I can see that if I just put a little time and attention on this matter I might come up with something. But I am not going to "ask" because what will I do if Lula volunteers to go in the bag, because she thinks it would be an adventure, or Scout, who likes to be useful, or Hal, who is just so nice he would sacrifice himself...

And I can't bear the thought of not having them around every day.

As...dolls, of course.



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    Jano (Saturday, 01 August 2015 16:25)

    Hey KP. Nobody who knows you would take offense! You elevate litter to doll status (to Earth Care status itself). Not the other way around. I know that.
    And thank you for your "great work" compliment! I think of it as great work myself, but more in the...This would be great work, if it was a job!...kind of way!
    Your comment about your Bun Bun was adorable. Be sure you bring him if you come for a visit!
    "Doll as Talisman" is definitely a future blog know me!

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    KP (Saturday, 01 August 2015 16:12)

    Vey welcome! And just to clarify I was in no way trying to compare garbage to the dollies !!! I just was meaning that the way we portray different things has a bigger meaning and purpose and I say embrace it! I think the dollies can be an avenue for some great stuff - connecting, stories, creativity, and so much more! I think you e created a great forum for Dollie lovers to share and support each other, so keep up the great work!

    - Little KP xo

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    Jano (Saturday, 01 August 2015 12:09)

    KP What a supportive reader! Thank you for your kind comment! It is just like you to be thoughtful of even a piece of litter. We dollheads understand.... So thank you for your understanding. Do you put your litter piece up on pillows in the car? Or do you wait till you are home and add it to the community of litter in the trash can. Togetherness...
    Relax people. I know KP and she is a dear friend. I didn't even have to pay her to add this comment. That's how nice she is.
    I promise I will not make fun of YOU, Dear Reader (is anyone out there?), if you add a comment, of any kind. Who am I to talk, or make fun of anyone? Before I started this doll collecting seriously, I talked to my stone spheres (rocks)....
    But that sounds like another blog post. Thank you, little KP! (Who doesn't love to be called little)

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    KP (Friday, 31 July 2015 15:27)

    I know it's not a doll, but I still take my stuffed animal Bun Bun anytime I travel. If I'm going to be away from home overnight, he's in the suitcase! He's my safety net, my home talisman, my confidant, my companion since I was a year old. He's a stuffed animal, but he's so much more.

    When I was a kid, and even still, I project feelings and human traits to "inanimate objects" - from garbage to stuffies. I don't like to litter not only because it's bad for the planet but because I don't want it to get lonely - so bizarre - but that mentality has made me do something good for the planet from a small age. I think humanizing these dolls, or garbage, furniture, whatever it may be has a purpose. It seeks something grander - for you the dolls represent so much and have embodied these personalities and pathways for growth, creation, love, and so much more. I'd almost liken it to books - they say a reader will live a thousand lives - I say a doll lover can do the same!

    I personally think you should allow a doll in the care each time you travel in the car. Go to the one you gravitate to - it has a meaning and a purpose for you - do it in pairs or with a doll toy for them to keep busy on their road trip!