Horses, trolls, little kids... Who's paying attention?

Where did all these horses come from?


Once again, a singleton attracts friends.

In this case, our daughter Tasya supported Dolltown by sending a beautiful Breyer Chinese Year of the Horse. The pretty one with the colorful designs. A little too small to ride, for most of the dolls, it's treated more as a special pet...


Iple Senior Lee asked for a means of getting around Dolltown for his perimeter patrols. So we kept an eye out and sure enough, this big brown horse showed up at Bailey House.

And so did this funny white Disney horse with the pink saddle. Perfect for the children!


The pretty white one with a mane that almost reaches the ground, an actual Barbie horse, was borrowed from Aunty Mischelle. Soon it will have to return to 2nd Avenue...


Today they are out on the Path together. Then some My Little Ponies, recently brought down from the Attic, found them, and challenged them to a race. Hahahhaahhahahaha. Whoops, sorry Little Ponies...

But the challenge is interrupted by another basketfull of Attic dolls... Trolls!

They are out hunting for a bridge to live under.

There is a bridge, but it is in the centre of town.

Should we tell them? 

I can't ask the kids.

I know they'd say yes...

Okay, so all the horses, except Big Horse, took the trolls to see the Dolltown Bridge.

But these girls, Oiya and Phoebe, intercepted the horses and decided to test their equestrian skills...

Here they are on the path with two the right size, alone, where they met up with Big Horse.

Big Horse immediately alerts Guard One, who firmly sends them on their way back to Dolltown central.

Now, we are missing a few photos from the next part of the story here.

Did Guard One delete them?

Thinking that, as "Security",  he can manipulate the story?


After the little girls head back, Vikka comes by.

You see Vikka here, good friends with Big Horse.


Vikka is good friends with Guard One too.

She often accompanies him on his patrols, amusing him with stories of the goings on in Dolltown (things that happen while he is out on lonely surveillance).

And asking him about his life before he was offered this position on the Dolltown Security detail.

(Lee was a little tricky, telling Guard One that he would be guarding princesses from another world, under constant danger from unknown enemies. Lee left out the part where he would be also be running after Tink and Xennia, looking for lost babies, or rounding up little girls out for an afternoon horsey ride! Lucky we have some...attractions, here in Dolltown. And good food.)


Vikka has the run of Dolltown, very independent.

And she sees herself as one of the Security detail, with the Iples. Often hanging around them, listening, mimicking.

She is quick, mentally and physically, and has ambitions to be a stuntman for the movies, or a spy, or a martial arts master. Something exciting, and serious.

Lee, the Iples, Guard One and, well, everyone actually (me too!) find Vikka useful as a messenger and an extra helping hand. At every event! And day to day. Even if she is a little...dour.

Here, after the little girls ride away, Vikka makes fun of Guard One.

(She can be sarcastic, her form of humor, although she never cracks a smile).

She swings herself up easily onto Big Horse, using his mane.

She asks Guard One if he wants to do the same, knowing full well he is not articulated, enough.

Horseback riding in not a part of his skill set. He walks past her, stiffly.

Vikka calls out, "Tomorrow?"

Vikka! So cruel! (lol)    

But Guard One knows he is loved.

By Vikka, by me, and the rest of the Dolltowners.

Love is what we do here!

It's one of the reasons he's still here, after all these months.

That, and the big helpings of lasagne, and Darlene, the red lipped vintage Daycarer....

Guard One! Wait up!

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    April (Thursday, 29 September 2016 13:59)

    I didn't realize Dolltown was such an organic place! You have horses of all colors and sizes and trolls---very friendly looking trolls--that are now setting up shop. And now it is more and more much so, I think Tink and Birdy and Xennia will have a difficult time controlling their curiosity!!! My, my, what an enchanting place to get lost in!!!!