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23. May 2017
It's time for the Dolltowners to assemble the Eiffel Tower model from Fashion Doll Stylist! The Little Darling are excited!

29. November 2016
As we were festiving up the Community Room diorama, several of the dolls, ready for Christmas photos, came by. Even a few came by who have now gone down to the Christmas Pop Up Shop diorama! Christmas Doll has gone, and so have Shasta, and Fancy Nancy. I have a feeling the last two are going to want to sneak back here for the December Dolltown action. But no one will miss them down there. It's like a Find Waldo book in that doll stuffed diorama! But here we have some beauties we don't see very...

21. October 2016
Vikka slips into the schoolroom between classes.... Nobody knows that she is an accomplished piano player, except Chantal, who has caught her playing before. Chantal is hoping they can play a duet some day.

22. September 2016
Where did all these horses come from? Once again, a singleton attracts friends. In this case, our daughter Tasya supported Dolltown by sending a beautiful Breyer Chinese Year of the Horse. The pretty one with the colorful designs. A little too small to ride, for most of the dolls, it's treated more as a special pet... Iple Senior Lee asked for a means of getting around Dolltown for his perimeter patrols. So we kept an eye out and sure enough, this big brown horse showed up at Bailey House. And...

16. September 2016
The Daycare bunch has arrived at Terri's End-of-Summer Shindig! Dee an Cee beauties Cindy and Darlene look after all the Dolltown babies and toddlers. (Although you won't see the New Zealand babies, or Xennia's baby here today. They are playing with the Little Darlings.) Welcome, babies! And welcome to Darlene and Cindy, Magic Barbie and Silent Sam! Daycarers extraordinaire! Vikka brings the Babies in our flower cart...