The Babies at Terri Lee's Shindig!

The Daycare bunch has arrived at Terri's End-of-Summer Shindig!

Dee an Cee beauties Cindy and Darlene look after all the Dolltown babies and toddlers.

(Although you won't see the New Zealand babies, or Xennia's baby here today.

They are playing with the Little Darlings.)

Welcome, babies!


And welcome to Darlene and Cindy, Magic Barbie and Silent Sam!

Daycarers extraordinaire!

Vikka brings the Babies in our flower cart...

What a great bunch of babies and toddlers!

Berenguer, Madame Alexander, Dianna Effner, Marie Osmond...

Time to get back to the Daycare!

Nap time after a busy field trip to Terri Lee's...


Bead Smiley and Terri enjoy a little peace and quiet!

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    April (Saturday, 17 September 2016 19:38)

    Looks like Grandma Terri has her hands full!!!! My, my, how do you keep up with everybody!!??!!! You've got quite a collection and yet...everyone seems to be in perfect harmony!!! Seems like Dolltown is a magnet for dolls of all kinds!