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16. September 2016
The Daycare bunch has arrived at Terri's End-of-Summer Shindig! Dee an Cee beauties Cindy and Darlene look after all the Dolltown babies and toddlers. (Although you won't see the New Zealand babies, or Xennia's baby here today. They are playing with the Little Darlings.) Welcome, babies! And welcome to Darlene and Cindy, Magic Barbie and Silent Sam! Daycarers extraordinaire! Vikka brings the Babies in our flower cart...

07. September 2016
Terri's back after an afternoon nap...just in time to welcome the In Betweens. Not little children, not adults... We have Crissy, with her long braid, and Kimberley...both newish vintages. Cheerful girls! And Becky! With her handsome boy. Older vintages! And they have dance skills! Fox trot, waltz!

15. March 2016
These photos are from last March, at Terri's birthday celebration at The River. There was a picnic with lots of food! Switching the heads on two of the Ellowynes recently reminded me that my two vintage Terri Lees are still in pieces in a covered basket.... We miss them! They are like the grandmothers of Dolltown. We need our elders! Sure, the Terri Lees may have baby faces to those who are not used to them. But they are definitely FULL of experience! And the children flock to them! Nice broad...