Tink and Xennia Found Lula's Baby!

Now, first of all, you are not going to understand this blog post without a little background.

Click here for a short back story.

One of Lula's seven New Zealand babies went missing recently during Terri's End-of-Summer Shindig.

Several days have gone by and it hasn't shown up...

Lula expressed her exasperation to me (ouch) and we doubled down on our search.

Which meant that Tink and Xennia switched from hunting for frogs (in school clothes!) to hunting for Lula's baby.


And, success! Lost baby found!

(Thank goodness!)

What a wonderful end to the search!


Tink and Xenna...where did you find Lost Baby?


Under a cabbage? 

Under what cabbage? 

We don't have cabbages here.

What made you say that? 

Where did you really find him?

You two haven't...been hiding him yourselves, have you?


Oh never mind.

Don't answer that.

Cabbage it is...


We don't want any more trouble.

He's here safe in the arms of Lula...

That's all that's important now.


Now Tink, they need you at Jiyoon's Playroom.

They say you have Rosa's red sweater?

Off you go!

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  • #1

    Lani (Thursday, 29 September 2016 06:23)

    I feel like there was a tear of happiness shed by Lula during one of those photos.

  • #2

    April (Thursday, 29 September 2016 14:22)

    Well I'm happy the missing baby finally showed up! I know Lula must have been quite worried (and sad). And you're right not to sweat the details as to where they found her... the most important thing is that Lula finally has her little baby! That should help her get better settled into Dolltown!!!

  • #3

    Jano (Thursday, 29 September 2016 17:12)

    Hi Lani!
    Oh yes. Tears of happiness for sure!
    And see how happy he is to see her? So cute!
    And I must say I am so thankful he was found (I was, really!) because Lula was not going to be happy until she had him back! (She kept LOOKING at me!) Even though she has SIX more New Zealand babies. It's not the number, right?
    (Tell that to Xennia, still with only ONE, although a BIG one!)

  • #4

    Jano (Thursday, 29 September 2016 20:37)

    Yes, April... Lula is almost smiling. hahaha
    But the reason I suspect Tink and Xennia's story about where they found Lost Baby is this comment from you on Sept 10, " I still think the missing baby is somewhere asleep under a cabbage in the garden!"
    Since we DON'T HAVE CABBAGE in the garden, I think it's POSSIBLE that T and X borrowed your thought and spun it when we asked where Baby was found...
    Now, we don't like to think that X and T would ... (cough, sputter) lie... And we wouldn't THINK of blaming you, haha, since you were just being kind, helpful, and supportive. So that's why we have dropped an inquisition into this matter.
    All's well that ends well, we like to think. :)

  • #5

    April (Friday, 30 September 2016 18:28)

    Do you have Brussels Sprouts or lettuce in the garden? LOL!!!