Terri, the Little Darlings, and a Lost Baby... Oh no!

Of course, the Little Darlings were invited to Terri Lee's End-of-Summer Shindig. Everybody is!


Xennia got there first and had a few quiet minutes with Terri before Tink showed up.


But then...Lula and Evie arrived, with Lula's family.


And Lula was very unhappy! Distressed!


And she tracked down Xennia to ask her...


Let's listen in...






"I love coming to Granny Terri's!", Xennia said.

"You're here early, dear.", Terri said.

"Tink is here, Granny!", said Xennia.

"Lula is looking for you, Xennia.", Tink said.

"Here she comes, with Evie!", said Tink. 

"Lula looks mad.", said Xennia. 

"Lula's New Zealand babies!", said Xennia.

"Xennia! Come here please!", Lula said.

"Look! There's only six!", said Lula.

"Xennia, did you take a baby?", asked Lula.

"No, Lula! I didn't take your baby!",  said Xennia. 

"What are we going to do?"

"Evie dear, why don't you let Tink and Xennia go and look for the poor little thing?", said Terri.

"We are on it!", said Tink!

"I hope they find him before it gets dark!", Lula said.

Well, I hope they do too!

I haven't been able to find him myself since I discovered we were short a baby.

I didn't tell Lula, of course. I, um, didn't want to worry her.

But I didn't know Lula was going to accuse Xennia.

Although I know two reasons why she would suspect her!

Stay tuned!

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Comments: 2
  • #1

    April (Tuesday, 13 September 2016 18:31)

    Well, I certainly hope they find the lost baby. Something tells me the baby has somehow become distracted and wandered off! Oh, I'm sure they'll find her....

  • #2

    Jano (Wednesday, 14 September 2016 13:16)

    Well, I hope we will have good news soon!
    I will send Xennia and Tink out to the garden. I like your idea of checking under the cabbage! :)