Jiyoon's New Playroom!

Jiyoon's new Playroom at Dolltown Abbey!


The Iples renovated a large bright room for Jiyoon! She will be staying there now, and have her friends over whenever she wants, or when they are allowed....


For their first time there, the Little Darlings and other children get to choose their 1st day of school clothes.


Dolltown doll stylist, Valentine has been called in to help Junior Iple Violet set the room up, ready with clothes, hair ties, ribbons, and shoes.


The girls are excited and will come in bunches. First, Jiyoon and BFF Maggie...


What a beautiful room with a blue sky and clouds painted on the ceiling (or is it an actual sky light?), lots of toys, and a stair case leading up to a sleeping cubby.


Lucky Jiyoon! And lucky friends! What fun they will have here!

Nice job, Violet and Valentine!

We can see how excited Jiyoon is!


And with Maggie, she waits for the other girls to arrive.

Then they can all jump in and choose their outfits for their first day of the Dolltown school year!

Stay tuned!

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    April (Thursday, 22 September 2016 17:45)

    Such a pretty little playroom. Jiyoon is one lucky dolly! And is that a dress form I see? Will someone be designing clothes? Hmmmm.....wonder where she got THAT idea??? But she knows best. The most fun part of the first day of school is....getting new supplies and wearing new clothes!!!!

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    Jano (Friday, 23 September 2016 16:15)

    Hi April! Isn't it lovely?
    The girls are all dressed now! Cute! Photo story soon!
    Yes! That is a dress form! It is for human jewelry... I have another! Ready for dress designing day...some time in our future. lol
    Jiyoon gets to stay there at Dolltown Abbey with the Iples because she is South Korean, like the Iplehouse dolls. Well, they are actually from South Korea, while Jiyoon made her way to us from the US.
    But they see her as a part of their Tribe. And they know our dolls need homes. We are working on it. Slowly! I just haven't had the courage to start a GOFundMe campaign for doll dioramas portraying homes, houses, bedrooms... I just don't think I would be taken seriously. I still have possessions of my own I can sell. (Yard sale tomorrow)
    I have actually CHOSEN homes. They are waiting in my eBay cart. Hahahaha! I can't wait to acquire the city apartment where the Ellowynes aspire to live...
    For now...a lot of sharing and imagination.
    (I have a few more settings here still that have yet to make it onto the Hiya Dolly stage for the first time. Indoor cafe. Cinema. Fall cityscape...so exciting!)
    YOUR backdrops have been amazing!!
    (Visit April's Facebook page to see her doll divas and their backdrops: http://tinyurl.com/zfylnsy)