Little Darlings, clothes mix ups and mystery solved...

For our Get Ready for School shoot, all the Little Darlings were lined up and their outfits were chosen.

Ahead of time so the chaos of excited little girls didn't distract us too much...


But there were immediate problems today because Scout's dress had been scooped by Quilla for a day or two.

And Tink had grabbed Rosa's red sweater when she had to get busy looking for Lula's baby...


So there were a few stops and starts.


Okay! Let's get busy here.


The action moves quickly so I think I'll tell the story as I go!

Maggie on the left, and Jiyoon on the right were hosting a Get Ready For School day, in Jiyoon's new Playroom.

Rosa, Scout, and Evie arrived to find their outfits. Scout, the long haired redhead, couldn't find her dress.

There it is on Quilla, who heard about the mix up.


Evie found her sweater and shoes, she's almost ready!

Scout got her little turquoise patterned dress from Quilla.

And Maggie found Quilla's orange dress for her 1st school day.

Thanks, Maggie!

Okay, Scout was ready, dressed in her outfit.

Rosa found her red skirt. But asked, "Where's my sweater?"

So Evie and Quilla left to find Tink, last seen wearing the red sweater.

Tink and Xennia showed up right away!

And Tink handed the sweater over to Rosa...

Scout found the sweater for Tink's outfit.

And Rosa and Tink both got their school outfits on...

Then Evie showed up again.

"Guess what, girls!", she said.

It's Lula! With her lost New Zealand baby!

The girls crowd around....

See Evie giving Xennia a hug?

...Because it was Xennia and Tink who found Lula's baby.

They said they found her under a cabbage!

(We have our niggling doubts, but at least the baby is back with Lula. And I'm off the hook.)

Scout gave Tink a hug, happy that she solved the lost baby mystery.

And Lula told the girls all about the adventure.

Xennia got to hold the baby, while Tink fluffed her hair fondly.

And in the background, Jiyoon began looking for something special for Lula...

See her on the left? Looking in the drawer?

Look what Jiyoon found!

The socks that go with Lula's little skeleton outfit!

(Now if only I could find that guitar so easily!)

There! Everybody's dressed!

Lula wanted to take Found Baby back to his brothers and sisters. (There's seven altogether!)

Xennia, of course, wanted to carry him. 

That baby is sure comfortable with Xennia...

Almost as if he is used to her looking after him.

(Under a cabbage? Really?)

Bye girls!

Pack your lunches! School day!

Way to go, Jiyoon and Maggie!

All the Little Darlings are dressed and ready for school.

You have done a fine job moving them along.

And you got to be there when Lula brought Lost Baby! (now Found Baby!)



Now, can you see the girls lying there on their backs!

They are taking a moment to relax and enjoy the sky light...or sky painting, on the ceiling of the pretty Playroom.


Whew! That is kind of like a sports broadcast!

Hope you all made it through the story!


Next...School Time! Excited!

Stay tuned!

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Comments: 3
  • #1

    Carolyn (Friday, 30 September 2016 08:35)

    Delightful stories and photos - thank you for sharing.

  • #2

    Jano (Friday, 30 September 2016 14:45)

    Hi Carolyn!
    Glad you hung in on this one!
    I do my best to keep up with the action! lol
    I didn't show the photo with Tink and Xennia toppling over, legs high.
    Hahaha... Gotta keep my reflexes sharp to avoid a domino effect...

  • #3

    April (Friday, 30 September 2016 18:25)

    Well, surprisingly, I was able to keep up!!!! Thank goodness you've trained the girls to help out around the house. They're pretty resourceful! And everybody looks so good for their first day of school. OK, so Xennia and lost (I mean, found) baby are getting along. That's really okay. This means that she gets to baby sit when Lula is busy doing homework or chasing after frogs or playing (the soon to be found) guitar(?).