Meanwhile, at Terri's country home...the Attic Friends!


My kids' dolls and bears...and turtles, beavers, trolls!


They were all put up in the attic years ago and recently we brought them down.


Memories! For all of us.

Now, there are just a few here.

The Barbies, Sheras, HeMan, Transformers, Little Ponies, Rainbow Brites, and various others have been cleaned up, sorted, and tucked away again for now.


But we kept a few out who want to be a part of Dolltown.

Who wouldn't!

But we can only handle so many at a time.

And we are not sure of the attention we'd get from the outside if the Transformers were let loose.

Aliens? (Besides our Iples I mean). Cyborg enemies? Robotic menaces? We have to vet our newcomers...

Transformers go into the metal trunk...

(Don't tell the boys!)


But our Sashas! Welcome kids!

And Old Fashioned Girl, and look who else is taking up space with us now!

A Baby Face, Flower Doll, Bears and...

Tink comes by to say hi to the Attic Group!


We can only stay for a few minutes because we've heard some children headed down the path on horses

and we have to send a guard to bring them home.

Always dolly excitement here in Dolltown!


A kitty, a bunny...

Even two Cabbage Patch kids!

What an adventure they were!

Wow! Terri's open invitation to her country home meant a lot of dolls and friends showed up!


But let's go see what's happening with the little girls...and horses?

Stay tuned!


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  • #1

    April (Friday, 23 September 2016 13:06)

    Ohhhhhh......Dolltown looks like such a wonderful place for dolls and stuffed animals to live!!!! Imagine all of the adventures Tink and her friends can lose themselves in! But we know there dangers abound, so it is a great and very necessary idea to vet all the newcomers. Oh my, look at those cabbage patch dolls. Looks like they've put on a bit of weight with age!

  • #2

    Jano (Friday, 23 September 2016 15:51)

    Hahaha. Yes, a little extra weight perhaps.
    It is hard to see the attraction for those Cabbage Patch (sorry, CP fans! But I am thinking it was love for my CHILDREN that spurred me to acquire these. NOT in the market for more). And they will not be getting a lot of clothes! I might even need that fluffy coat! They won't need clothes back in the Memory Box...
    I fell over at finding that Baby Face! She's like a shock! No memory of getting her!
    Talk about odd...
    But I warmed up to her after researching the Baby Face story. And after spending a little time looking at that expression. And she's well made! And Tink likes her.
    I think she is gets to stay...
    The Stuffies, as people call them now, are mostly beloved favorites. We'll keep some as characters or Extras, we've decided. They have petitioned hard to have a space in Dolltown...
    The dolls, of course, love them. And who am I to say no to what my dolls want?

  • #3

    April (Thursday, 29 September 2016 14:05)

    Clearly our dolls have us wrapped around their little vinyl fingers!!!!