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30. August 2017
Becky and her friend Mitch meet at the Eiffel Tower model, and Babyface tags along. Uh oh Babyface! What have you done now?

22. September 2016
Sashas! My kids' dolls and bears...and turtles, beavers, trolls! They were all put up in the attic years ago and recently we brought them down. Memories! For all of us. Now, there are just a few here. The Barbies, Sheras, HeMan, Transformers, Little Ponies, Rainbow Brites, and various others have been cleaned up, sorted, and tucked away again for now. But we kept a few out who want to be a part of Dolltown. Who wouldn't! But we can only handle so many at a time. And we are not sure of the...