The Girls at the Dolltown Bus Stop. What?!

Here's Pearl and Anna Zoey...

Waiting at the "Bus Stop"...


Now, I would think, if anyone would know about if there was a bus route in Dolltown, it would be me.


Anna Zoey! Pearl! Where did you hear there was a bus taking you to the Beach? Why don't I know about it?


I'm confused.


I have to watch and see what happens.




Jiyoon and Maggie join Pearl and Anna Zoey. All these bare feet!

It's Em, with Indira! Our new girls.

And just as Chantal and Fig arrive we hear a noisy vehicle approaching...

And then look what pulled up...

It is a Dolltown Bus!

An acquisition? A donation? A mystery!


And when it drove away the girls were gone. 


I am flabbergasted! 

Maybe I am happy...if the kids can get to the beach for a swim!


But I can hear more kids on their way. Now what? You missed the bus!

Thanks Owl...a boat for the kids to play with?

Tink and Xennia are happy! Beach toy!

Birdy and Rosa want to go to the beach for a swim too!

Scout and Evie arrive with a ring buoy. Scout is all about safety...

And Lula brings her New Zealand babies!

We all know they love a swim. It was last year at the beach that we met these little travelers!

What is everybody looking at?

The bus showed up again!


And took the girls!

And the toys, bouys, and babies!


This is giving the kids a whole new level of independence. Do I like it?

Time will tell...


Well, we heard the kids wanted a sunny day at the beach again, so look who shows up!

And if Douglas is here, the boys have probably already found their own way to the swimming beach. Where the girls are...

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