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30. January 2017
Well, the girls have been planning this all month! Most were ready to go after New Year's! But in Dolltown, there is a lot of waiting for other action to the Eiffel Tower coloring project. That one is started, photos taken, stories posted.... And there is still more to do. Then we had to wait for the Ellowyne meeting at the Community Center, so we could do our resolutions during our yoga classes with Oksana, our Dolltown yoga instructor. We were asked, "Why during yoga classes?",...

27. January 2017
The girls are coming to yoga class! They have been dressed for days it seems! All the girls do yoga daily. Well, some form of stretching. Okay, I guess we include floor tussling, tug of wars, and tree climbing. And since we won't allow the tree climbing during winter, we insisted the yoga classes start again. The girls had to wait until our instructor had her planning meet up with the other Dolltown Ellos. Now Oksana is ready. She has decided to just have small groups. Good idea, Oksana! Easier...

25. January 2017
It's Oksana! Our Dolltown yoga teacher! Oksana is one of our Ellowyne entrepreneurs, and she works with all the girls. And Tonner guys. Oksana had a short fling with a BJD...but that's another story! She's getting warmed up for her first class of the year, with the Little Darlings...

23. January 2017
These three Ellowyne girls are waiting for more of their friends to show up... I know they have all been making plans for some kind of a Start Up. But so far we have only seen them at our Community events. The last time we saw them on their own was when we had photos of them traveling, and gathering things for a Pop Up Shop. Now girls, if we don't see something soon there are going to be comments like, "All talk, no action!" At the very least, we want Oksana to start her yoga classes again. The...

22. January 2017
Look! It's Conner at Fashion Doll Stylist's in Detroit City! Conner has gone for an extended visit to learn the ropes in April's doll couture Design School for Girls. And on her first day, Conner got to join April's glamourous models in their world famous Happy New Year's scene! Okay, the New Year's party was over by the time Conner got there. But we are amazed just looking at her in this photo! Looking good, Conner!

18. January 2017
It's Lissa and some of the Ellowynes at the Community Center. They are gathering for a meeting. But here you can see, no one is in a hurry. Lissa has even fallen asleep reading, waiting for the others...

17. January 2017
All the Little Darlings gather for a meeting about the coloring of the Eiffel Tower! What are the coloring rules, Pearl?

15. January 2017
Little Darling Pearl takes charge of the Eiffel Tower coloring and gets ready to assign the different designs to her friends.

14. January 2017
Little Darling Pearl organizes the Eiffel Tower color sorting! BFF Zoey helps too.

11. January 2017
The Little Darlings are ready to color the Eiffel Tower model! Bring on the crayons!

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