Little Darling Conner is at Fashion Doll Stylist's!


It's Conner at Fashion Doll Stylist's in Detroit City!


Conner has gone for an extended visit to learn the ropes in April's doll couture Design School for Girls.


And on her first day, Conner got to join April's glamourous models in their world famous Happy New Year's  scene!


Okay, the New Year's party was over by the time Conner got there. But we are amazed just looking at her in this photo!


Looking good, Conner!


After agreeing that Conner could stay with her, April very kindly sent us lots of photos to keep us updated on Conner's experience there...even her unboxing!

Of course, we sent photos of Conner's Dolltown friends!

April's girls must have thought the box was full of things for them!

Well, we did send a little fur piece that one of April's models snapped up.

And Dolltown's White Elf, sent as a gift to April and her models, seems popular.


Once Conner was unwrapped, she was introduced to April's wealth of young dolls and stuffies.

That sure made Conner feel at home! She got to take a teddy to bed on her first night!

Conner's second day began with a fitting!

And Conner got right to work helping April with her models...

She was even allowed to drape a little piece of fabric we sent along, on one of April's girls!

And then Conner was allowed to explore and meet more FDS stuffies and friendly dolls.

At the end of the day, Conner checked in on Dolltown and wrote to us:


Dear Friends, Today was a busy day for me.

After letting me sleep in, after playing with the many animals that reside here, April put me promptly to work.

I had to hold the fabrics and hold the ribbons, sort the fabric,


and hold the clothes removed from the fashion dolls!"


Then Conner climbed into a cozy bed with her new friends...


The next day, Conner got some new clothes!

April decided that she needed a bigger wardrobe...

She made her a soft bodysuit (very handy!), a wrap skirt from a little vintage hankie we sent,

and Conner got to wear a soft jacket borrowed from April's dolls.



And over the next days, Conner was allowed to brush the models' hair,

fetch their accessories, and try the grand piano!

April even made Conner a pair of jeans made out of silk!

She was given a bright Tshirt to wear, from one of the guy dolls.

And every night, Conner goes to sleep surrounded by dolls and stuffies, including Buster the puppy.

Lucky Conner! Birdy is answering the messages that Conner is sending...


More photos to come!

Conner got to help April while she designed clothes for her models, fashioned on the recent Golden Globes

Conner is certainly on an adventure!

We hope she makes herself useful while there at Fashion Doll Stylist's Design School for Girls.

And we are very entertained by all the photos of Conner with her new friends!


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Comments: 2
  • #1

    April (Saturday, 28 January 2017 14:50)

    Well, as you can see, Conner has been a real pleasure to have. She keeps all the dolls and animals in the house entertained! At one point, she even insisted the dolls on the piano, walk to the tune she was playing. She told them, "that's how it's done on the real catwalks!" We were afraid she'd be homesick by now. But nooooo....she stays way too busy!!!

  • #2

    Jano (Wednesday, 22 February 2017 21:59)

    So glad, April!
    That was quite a journey Conner embarked on!
    And (considering it was a surprise) she received such a warm welcome!
    And we are so glad to receive photos so it feels like she is with us!
    And having such interesting experiences there... Funny that she takes charge like that! It seems to be a characteristic of both Dolltown dolls...and FDS divas! lol