What are the Dolltown Ellowynes Planning?

These three Ellowyne girls are waiting for more of their friends to show up...


I know they have all been making plans for some kind of a Start Up. But so far we have only seen them at our Community events. 


The last time we saw them on their own was when we had photos of them traveling, and gathering things for a Pop Up Shop.


Now girls, if we don't see something soon there are going to be comments like, "All talk, no action!"


At the very least, we want Oksana to start her yoga classes again. The Little Darlings refuse to change out of their yoga outfits until they get to do their New Resolutions Yoga Class.


Come on now! It's the fourth week of January already! 


So, they are gone! And I was so busy capturing the photos that I missed what they were saying!

And I could swear they were murmuring. On purpose?

At one point I said, "What?" And this is the look I got. Not a word!


I have to pay more attention to my adult dolls.

They just seem to go about their own business.

We want to know what is going on!


I think I will get Miley, our Dolltown.News reporter, to follow them around for a while.

I will suggest to the Ellos that Miley could be a part of their Start Up marketing team.

That way she could help them, while gathering information...for us!


All right now, there's a plan!

Stay tuned!

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Comments: 2
  • #1

    Mischelle (Friday, 27 January 2017 11:48)

    Wow they are a large group and yes I'd say from the intensity of the gathering that something is afoot for sure !

  • #2

    Jano (Wednesday, 22 February 2017 21:45)

    Hi Mischelle! Yes, it is a large group!
    And they definitely have something up their sleeves!
    Will they be able to get something going? Time will tell. lol