Pearl Organizes the Dolltown Eiffel Tower Model Designs...

At Christmas time, Dolltown received a package from April, Fashion Doll Stylist. We had been oohing and aahing over April's photos of her Paris trip, and all the doll things she was finding.


And what showed up in the mail?

A box full of things from Paris!

April said we must set up a French Quarter in Dolltown. And she sent us the Eiffel Tower to get started...


Now, this paper (sturdy cardboard) model she sent us is covered in flowers, butterflies, and birds. To color!


So we are busy inside this January (far too cold yet to take dollies outside for an adventure).

And the girls want to get going.


They have waited long enough! 

The box is open! The directions read!

Even the history of the Eiffel Tower was bedtime reading!



So, Pearl has taken charge, to be sure we do this pretty gift justice, and asked me to take photos

of all the different kinds of flowers, leaves, butterflies and birds.


Then she can assign the different designs to the girls.

And there will be fairness and a pattern to circumvent the potential randomness that could occur

if we just let the girls loose, so to speak.


Okay, Pearl! Whatever you say!


I think this makes Pearl our January girl!

We left these girls studying the designs...

First, the flowers...

Zoey counts twelve kinds, and Pearl says, "Just the right number for the Little Darlings! One kind each!"

Well, that settles that!

Then the leaves, all different kinds and shapes...

Are there that many greens in our crayon cups?

And several kinds of butterflies to color.

"Each kind must be different from the other!" Pearl exclaims!

And some kind of grain-eating bird. 

(We need some help here...looks like an Oriole a little, but that's a North American bird.)

And last, a repeating lantern and a piece or two with a random design...

So, these are the beautiful designs the girls get to color!


We left Pearl talking intently with her bff, Zoey.


I heard bits of the conversation...


"Time to talk to the girls!"


"First we color, then build the tower!" 


"We'll begin the coloring to show them how we want it done."


"May I do red flowers?"

"Yes, of course, dear friend. And I will do blue."

And who will do yellow?".....


Their voices wisped away as I went to gather the others.

But I knew who will want to do yellow!


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Comments: 2
  • #1

    April (Monday, 16 January 2017 14:40)

    Well I see Pearl is every bit as organized as she looks!!! I like the methodical way she has assessed the situation! Oh I can't wait to see how it all turns out!!! What I can tell you is that the completed tower is about a head taller than the dolls! P.S. Conner sends her love and wishes she were there to help color!!! (She's lost in my fabric drawer, looking for inspiration!)

  • #2

    Jano (Wednesday, 18 January 2017 17:54)

    Oh, I am very thankful for Pearl's initiative, and her bff's support! The thought of all the Little Darlings lying on the floor, on top of crayons lying around, and the model parts becoming lost, was a little much for me.
    And this bit of organizing was very fun! Seeing all the different types of flowers and butterflies! I really enjoyed it. It almost made me wish I was one of the colorers. Hahahahaha
    We'll see how the girls respond to Pearl's rules...
    Hi to Conner, immersed in color and design herself!