Lula, her guitar, Will (briefly), and Owen, with a box...

Now we know where Lula went!

After receiving our guitar for a Christmas gift, she took off!

Without a thank you!

She showed up, in our skeleton outfit!

The one that came with the guitar...


I imagine that she'll claim that too, now. And put it in her own basket of belongings (where her New Zealand babies sleep).


And here are friends, Will and Owen. Owen wanted to go with Lula to Australia. He watched for all the photos Lani sent of Lula's adventures. And we didn't know it, but he obviously hid away that big white box.

Last year Lani and Lula sent us that box for Christmas. And inside were two ornaments for us from Australia.


He brought the box out for Lula to open, to remind her of her trip...


How sweet! Not sure about the hiding part. It was just one more thing I thought I'd lost...

Well, this story happened a couple of days ago. But I can't believe we are still decorating the tree, in January!

On the other hand, from the look Lula is giving Owen, I think he just reestablished Lula's fondness for him.

She hasn't paid him much attention since she returned from Australia.

And they were fast friends before she left.

I just heard her invite him along to take her babies out to play in the snow.

I figure Owen will say yes...


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  • #1

    April (Friday, 06 January 2017 15:35)

    Oh yes, I noticed the sparks flying between Lula (who looks like a real rock star in that outfit and guitar) and Owen. Actually, I imagine Lula is quite a popular little girl, particular with the boys who seem enamored with her. Lula is so pretty with her long, curly mane of long, blond hair. And kiddies, it's ok to decorate the tree in January. After live in Dolltown where anything is possible!!!!!

  • #2

    Jano (Wednesday, 11 January 2017 14:47)

    Hahah! Those decorations were only up for a few days. Silly boy. I think he was too shy over Christmas and then realized it was now or never! Owen was longing to go with Lula to Australia. He wanted to see a Tasmanian Devil! But he also couldn't imagine Dolltown without Lula!
    You are right. Lula is popular with the boys. And at this age, it IS because she is very pretty. But also because she climbs trees, she catches spiders, she likes scary movies, she burps (sorry, we are doing our best here), and she wants to grow up and be a rock star, map uncharted rock formations, and save the planet. Phew! Yes, she's popular...
    And Owen just got points!