It's the Marionettes! On the 12th Day of Christmas...

Our Czech marionettes were brought to our Community Center...carefully. These two, Don Quixote and Jester Jim, fell from their curtain rod in the doorway recently and spent the first part of our Christmas celebrations in a wooden tray...tangled together.


But on hearing that there was chocolate from Paris, they noisily demanded an untanglement and joined us, on our last day of Christmas festivities.


They were satisfied, with a whole bar of chocolate each, until G suggested they ought to have goblets of spirits. To celebrate the New Year!


Well, you can't tell from the photos here, but they spent hours talking and finished a bottle between them.


At which point their heated arguments and roaring laughter attracted Priscilla's disapproval.


Before the two could upset Priscilla more, with rude jokes and stories, Vikka came to clean up...the goblets and the marionettes.

Back to your perch, puppets!

Next time...Perrier only!


Vikka had to call for my help. 

I am learning how to lift these guys without messing up their strings.

We have no idea how to use them as marionettes.

Please send You Tube links if you recognize their...what? marionette apparatus? and know of instructions.

We've looked there, and asked their makers in Czechoslovakia. Nic! (Czech for nothing)

We should have ordered hand puppets.

I'm kidding! I love these guys! Even with their too-many strings!

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    April (Saturday, 07 January 2017 15:49)

    Well those two are quite some characters.....effectively the kind that bring "character" to the town! Ok, so they indulged in a few spirits....frankly...they appear to be "drinking age" so I wouldn't worry--so long as they're not looking after the little ones at the same time! But I don't think that's going to happen...especially not with Priscilla around!!! And then again, I think Vikka has things under control. But I think getting the marionettes to act a bit complicated. So I'll just be content to see them as stills in the pretty little community known as...Dolltown!!!

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    Jano (Monday, 09 January 2017 13:21)

    Hahaha. Yes, as stills. They'd be happy with that. They creak, they complain, they shout commands from their perches now. They have a taste for spirits of any kind. They like the rest of us looking up to them...well, at them!
    They murmur their stories to each other late into the night....