It's Birdy and Coco! And Chantal and Faith!

Rosa, Christmas Darling

MC's Pearl and Zoey

Birdy and Coco

Chantal and Faith

Zoey and Pearl are proud of Tink and Xennia.

They picked one ornament and put it up on the tree!

No shenanigans!


Is it Jiyoon's calming influence, do you think? 


Now, there are still ornaments, and more girls to put them up!


Who's next? Birdy! With Coco!

I bet Birdy chooses the sparkly bird ornament.

But what will little Coco choose?


And then it's Chantal and Faith...


You know, Pearl and Zoey will have almost the last choices.

Whatever is left Rosa will do!

Rosa is doing very well as Christmas Darling!


The End!

Well, all the Little Darlings are done at any rate.

You never know who might show up next!

But lots of our favorite ornaments are on the tree now...


Well done, Rosa!

From start to finish, everything went wonderfully!

Now, Vikka is on her way, so just rest until she gets here, dear!


Poor little Rosa...I think she's in a daze from all that excitement!


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    Sharon in Spain (Wednesday, 04 January 2017 15:27)

    The girls look great and have had a wonderful Christmas by the looks of things :)