A Dolltown Interlude...Miracles Happen in Interludes!

So very tidy after the excitement and unboxing of the Paris gifts.

The girls have decorated even Sparkly Nutcracker, we see.

Where are the girls? And where is the 3D Eiffel Tower to color? For now, it's quiet...

Here are some photos up close, of a few things in our Christmas scene.

And who's watching, from a perch to the side?

Sky, and a little blond babydoll...like a grandmother and her grandbaby watching a Christmas Play together.

It's quiet, but not for long! We can hear Xennia calling out for the girls, "Where are you?"

Here she comes!

Stay tuned!

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    April (Thursday, 29 December 2016 12:32)

    Oh, your Christmas scenes with their old fashioned charm are soooo wonderful. It really warms the heart and soul. We do have something in common. The Christmas tree in our livingroom are covered with lots of little "toy" ornaments!

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    Jano (Saturday, 31 December 2016 13:32)

    Thank you, April! We always love unboxing our Christmas things...
    Lots of memories and favorites... Lots of small things, so using them for the doll dioramas is perfect!
    This year the diorama served as our "tree". A Christmas scene set up in our living room. So festive.
    Just like your scene on your piano! The dolls become the decorations!
    You can see that the things you sent are such lovely additions!