Vikka! A Lace Peplum and a Red Star!

Vikka, our set changer, prop mover, and general run-around-and-help girl showed up to help tidy up our Community Center after the Little Darling tree decorating event!


We left Rosa sitting on the floor, so tired she couldn't even put up one more ornament on the tree after the other girls had gone.


Vikka came to send her home for a nap, where the other girls were already snuggled!


Thanks Vikka...

Vikka, is that a...uh...peplum of lace around your waist? How sweet!

(Vikka is a usually a clothes minimalist, a black and white only girl, so we love to get her in adorable things, just for fun! Maybe she likes it, from the look of that peplum with her red ribbon...)


Relax now, Rosa! You've earned a rest!

Lovely, Vikka! A red star for our little tree angel!


Now all seems quiet, but we hear packages are arriving!

How exciting!

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    April (Monday, 26 December 2016 18:37)

    Thank you, Vikka. She knows how to add those final touches that "make" the room, I see. Ok, so she's only dressed in black and's usually the "artist types" with the greater sense of aesthetics!!! By the way, I love the little bit of lace she added to her own outfit!

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    Jano (Tuesday, 27 December 2016 14:32)

    Yes, I loved Vikka adding the bit of lace too!
    Associating with these adornment-appreciative girls and the accepting Dolltowners gives her freedom to play and express. I have a feeling she would like the tattoos you put on your dolls.
    Something simple and subtle, maybe a little...edgy.
    Edgy...The girls listen to Vikka when she tells them something!