It's the Iple girls, and Miley, Arlen and Asa!

Just before the Little Darlings all disappear to play, color, and watch movies, Birdy spends a minute with Aira....


And then the Iple girls gather for a few photos, and gifts.


And Miley, Dolltown News reporter and Ballet Doll with her.


And then Tonner American Model Glamour Too (really? I have to type that every time?), our Arlen.


And Asa herself. Our Iple giant...24" of beauty and quiet.


Asa has discovered my jewels, my gems...and wears a coral garnet for Christmas adornment.


(Hey Tink. This is how it's done! No wait. Never mind. One doll wearing my gems is enough to keep track of!)

Asa has a gift! She's gone to try it on...

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    April (Thursday, 29 December 2016 13:01)

    Well you certainly know how to celebrate the holidays! It's so wonderful that in dollyland, Christmas day can go on and on for as long as you like!!! Your girls are so pretty and beautifully dressed. They also wear your jewelry really well, I might add. No point in explaining this to the Little Darlings.... You won't have a think left in your jewelry box. Personally, I've had to put all of mine out of sight!!!!

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    Jano (Friday, 30 December 2016 11:20)

    Haha! I am not surprised! Out of sight, out of mind!
    I love to share my jewelry...with the older girls. But I shudder to think of it being discovered by some of the young ones. So I cut them off at the pass by giving them a small selection of jewelry (that I no longer wear). The Little Darlings are almost always too busy to take that extra step anyway, thank goodness.
    Yes, Christmas continues for days! We are posting photos of a few gift openings soon, after we finish some more biscuits! lol
    The Iple boys have just put some gifts in a red box for their girl friends...girlfriends?
    I heard them say they are hoping the girls will wear their new gifts for New Years...can't wait to see!