The Ellowynes at Christmas

Almost all the Tonner Ellowynes have come to enjoy a get together and, of course, to have photos taken.


Yelena and Gia are late due to business meetings in the City.


Dolltown Tonner guys are here, too...




The Tonner Ellowynes come in four sculpts...Ellowyne, Amber,Prudence, and Lizette.

Autumn is an Amber, as are the two with her.

Dolltown has three Prudences and the first here is our Noddy.

Olive and Bandy are the same doll, "Band Together".

Bandy, on the right, has had a faceup (inset eyes, paint) by Jim Dandy I am told.

The Lizettes, minus Gia with her copper afro and pink lips.


Robert Tonner began his Ellowyne sculpt in 2006, but our elder Yelena is not here at the Community Center yet...

Willow wearing her fluffy wig, and the guys...

Eddie, Wiz and Peter Parker, our Knox.

Well, we are hoping this group will stick around!

Come on, Ellos! Interact a little! Spread your joy around.

Life is not all business....

For more photos of the Ellos and the Tonner guys, head over to the Start Ups page!

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  • #1

    April (Monday, 12 December 2016 05:23)

    Normally Tonner's Ellowyne dolls don't catch my eye. But as Dolltown residents, I've had to take another look. Love that they are part of your community. They add a delightful touch. Oh, by the way....that last fellow is quite a good looker!!!

  • #2

    Jano (Tuesday, 13 December 2016 21:52)

    They are delightful!
    And that Peter Parker, our Knox, not too bad.
    We are used to females being dolled up.
    But guy dolls miss the mark often because we expect them to look more real/natural.
    And that's harder!