Xennia Finds the Paris Gifts...uh oh...Girls!

Little Xennia!

This is what she saw when she got up from her nap...


Xennia missed the parcel opening from Aunty April! She had been put to bed after the decorating,  but was still fast asleep when the others gathered for the gifts.


(It's not a good idea to wake Xennia too soon! She gets muddled and grumpy.)


And there in the Community Center she saw the gifts from Paris.


There were the chocolates and the picnic basket of French food...and she was hungry!

And what was on top? Baby bunnies!


Xennia likes babies, of any kind!

It's Tink! Just in time perhaps! She tracked Xennia here.

Xennia says, "Do you want to share?"

"Oh thank you!, Tink says. Oh well...

Evie and Scout arrive. They  have heard that there are treats in the CC, from April.

But they didn't expect such food chaos!

They send Xennia and Tink to separate corners to tidy the lovely chocolates they've spilt!

"What would Aunty April say?", Scout asked Xennia and Tink.

Tink said, "Enjoy all the treats, you cute little things! That's what she'd say!"

Xennia chimed in, "Yes! She'd say, Eat until your little tummies are full!"

"She would not!", Scout said to them crossly. "Now, clean up!"

And then Evie and Scout did a lovely job of helping their friends clean up.

And after giving the Sparkly Nutcracker a bowl full of broken candy, Xennia and Tink left, with the bunnies.

Say thank you to Evie and Scout , girls!

Are your tummies full?

And Evie and Scout sat down to explore the food from France, doing their bests to read the labels.

They have only taken a little French...just enough to say bonjour and au revoir to Chantal and their teacher.

And to tease the boys, making them think they know more than they do..."J'aime ton nez rouge."

Uh oh. Okay, I've got to go...

Scout has been known to raid our kitchen to take food to the foodbank.

I have to be sure she knows this is special food, all the way from France.

And it's just for dollies, for the Dolltown dollies...

What? Oh dear, I think I just heard Sparkly Nutcracker say, "I am a dolly, right? I like peas, and cheese."

"...les petit pois et le camembert..." 

Should I stay or should I go...

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    April (Thursday, 29 December 2016 12:43)

    Oh my, oh my, oh my......this is all sooooooo ADORABLE!!!!! Xennia with the bunnies. The girls in their PJ's lost in the food chaos. Tink eating the cookies out of the caramel container! Sparkly Nutcracker wanting to join in! Oh this is all sooooo much fun! I'll be bookmarking this post so I can come back and re-read!!!! Thank you for sharing their experience!!!