Dianna Effner Little Darlings...

It's time to talk about the Little Darlings.

These pretty dolls are sculpted by the oh-so-talented doll designer Dianna Effner. Dianna has sculpted many dolls, in porcelain and cloth, and vinyl. The Little Darlings are a 13" vinyl doll with 5 points of articulation. They have painted eyes and brushed bodies.

Dianna has several artists working with her, or who have trained with her, to paint these dollies for the many doll lovers who have discovered the Little Darlings, and want one. Or more.

The dolls can be ordered, and with each artist the wait time varies from a few months to about two years (for a Little Darling painted by Dianna herself).

Also, one can purchase a Little Darling on eBay, from one of the artists themselves occasionally, or when an owner decides to pass one along. Or decides they need a little cash for life's many demands.

The Little Darlings come in 3 sculpts, for a little variety. But the eye color and face paint, the hair color and style, and the wonderful clothing made for the Little Darlings provide a lot of variety.

Dolltown is lucky enough to be home to several Little Darlings. They form the core of all the action here. Whether they are in a story (the focus or bit players) or not, our choices for what happens next here revolves in some way around the LD's. 

There are stories here featuring the Little Darlings, on The Children page. The stories may move around, now that the LD's  have their own page...


Also, I have my  Little Darlings in a Flickr Album, and on a Pinterest Board. As well as scattered throughout the site here, and in my own Photo Gallery...


My Chantal, by Dianna herself...

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    Jano (Friday, 18 September 2015 15:27)

    Hi Sharon!
    I think Chantal is cute too! I see her as a pretty #3... I notice quite a few of the #3's are cute, funny, and mischievous-like my Jojo/Tink (renamed her). When my time comes closer to Geri orders, I want to ask her to keep my Ariel calm and pretty like on her page. It's hard to even identify how that is different! So I hope she will be able to do it!! Haha.
    Hey, I wrote about your blog in my last newsletter...Sharon in Spain

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    Sharon in Spain x (Friday, 18 September 2015 15:12)

    Chantal is so cute! When the #3 first came out I really wasn't sure because I really am not into smily/happy dolls, most of mine are quite serious looking, some people might say 'miserable', but this sculpt has really grown on me over the last 6 months or so. The only thing is, I feel you have to be careful about how they're painted because I have seen a couple that looked a little bit 'dodgy', in fact one looked actually almost 'deranged' LOL....luckily that is definitely NOT the case with your girls, they are beautiful and Chantal is my favourite of your #3 girls :)
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x