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11. February 2018
Fashion Doll Stylist and Little Darling Conner have sent a package to Dolltown! How exciting!

18. September 2015
It's time to talk about the Little Darlings. These pretty dolls are sculpted by the oh-so-talented doll designer Dianna Effner. Dianna has sculpted many dolls, in porcelain and cloth, and vinyl. The Little Darlings are a 13" vinyl doll with 5 points of articulation. They have painted eyes and brushed bodies. Dianna has several artists working with her, or who have trained with her, to paint these dollies for the many doll lovers who have discovered the Little Darlings, and want one. Or more....

24. August 2015
I am happy to say that I ordered these cute little Spain-made dolls from The Paola Reina shop in Canada. And got great service even though the company was moving locations! My reasons for getting these dolls...I wanted Liu, the Asian doll. So cute. And I don't have a Paola Reina and their pictures are always very appealing. So, while I was ordering Liu, I was taken with the dollies' clothes. And I ended up putting Dasha in her winter coat in the cart, and adding the sweetest Halloween outfit,...