Paola Reina dolls from Spain...

I am happy to say that I ordered these cute little Spain-made dolls from The Paola Reina shop in Canada. And got great service even though the company was moving locations! 

My reasons for getting these dolls...I wanted Liu, the Asian doll. So cute. And I don't have a Paola Reina and their pictures are always very appealing. So, while I was ordering Liu, I was taken with the dollies' clothes. And I ended up putting Dasha in her winter coat in the cart, and adding the sweetest Halloween outfit, with a doll in it. Abigail, her name is...


My intention to keep Liu, pass on the other 2 dolls, and keep their clothes for my Little Darlings and the McCalls, has been thwarted. Once these 3 Paola Reina Las Amigas were here in their pretty boxes, I began to have second thoughts. And made up reasons to keep them. A cute bird in the hand...

So, I am getting to know myself better. And know now that I was a pushover when my kids showed up with another "pet".  I was a sure thing. 

It's just best for me not to look too closely at ANYTHING cute, especially dolls. If I want to keep my office from turning into a doll house. 

There are 30 photos before it loops...

Ana, a Little Darling, was here to welcome the three Las Amigas. Ellowyne Poppy was called away after the first box opening... You'll notice Ana ends up trying on their clothes and hats.

Girl bonding.

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    Sharon in Spain (Thursday, 03 September 2015 12:07)

    These box opening photos are lovely! All the girls are very pretty and well dressed.
    Did you try Liu's blue and white dress on Ana too? If so, I wondered what you thought of the fit on her? I have always liked that outfit as it looks so nice and summery fresh and wouldn't mind getting it for my LD girls.
    Hugs Sharon in Spain