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22. May 2016
The Little Darlings were invited to a Facebook Anniversary party. And found there were no Little Darling frilly, smocked, or lace dresses in their cupboard! Well, not enough to go around...

05. May 2016
Leaving Asa's Open House, Priscilla was feeling...good! We all saw it. Sweet and smiling, Priscilla offered her little friend Gabby a ride back to Dolltown. She wheeled the flower cart, with Gabby in "Princess Gabriella" mode, through the meadow and to the Bridge. By the time they arrived, Priscilla was puffing a little and found herself wondering how she had gotten roped into this good deed. You offered, Priscilla! I did not, she humphed. And with that we knew the Asa effect had worn off. We...

07. February 2016
In Dolltown, Ernie and some of his relatives gather in the Community Centre. Ernie introduces his son Abe, and his daughter, teen mom Chacha. His sister Mokidin, shown here in the 1st photo, goes to get Chacha's baby and her nieces.

06. February 2016
Last spring Ernie, now playing a long time resident of Dolltown's surrounding valley, welcomed new arrivals Priscilla and Fancy Nancy. Priscilla is not happy. Well, ever. Fancy Nancy is. Always.

18. September 2015
It's time to talk about the Little Darlings. These pretty dolls are sculpted by the oh-so-talented doll designer Dianna Effner. Dianna has sculpted many dolls, in porcelain and cloth, and vinyl. The Little Darlings are a 13" vinyl doll with 5 points of articulation. They have painted eyes and brushed bodies. Dianna has several artists working with her, or who have trained with her, to paint these dollies for the many doll lovers who have discovered the Little Darlings, and want one. Or more....