Pachom Fashion Shoot...

I love these clothes!

Pachom Suesuwan is a doll clothes designer and dressmaker. I have included here several of her fashions, and also several dolls of different sizes and shapes in the same clothes, showing their versatility.  Good stuff!

Just click on the middle arrow to autoplay the 32 slides.

Or click on the right arrow to go at your own pace. Thanks!

I ordered a few basics from Pachom on eBay. She had a variety of styles and sizes, for tiny dolls and tall dolls, skinny dolls and wide.

And great prices!

My favorite dress is this yellow flowered white one, because not only does it fit about 5 different dolls, it fits my 17" busty bjd!

That's like a miracle...

So of course, I want more!!

Where's Pachom?

I found Pachom on her eBay shop-Pachom10.

She also has an Etsy store, Pachom....

I'll go back again when I have saved my pennies. 

(That's just an expression now. We don't have pennies any more in Canada. Even penny candies are a nickel these days.)

I would do a verbal commentary as these slides go by, but I don't know how!

There are 32 slide photos, this group shot at the beginning, and the white and pink nightie at the end. Just so you know where to start and finish. (It's a loop.)


I have included 9 pieces of clothing from Pachom (well, 2 pants sets) and most of them on different dolls to show their versatility. My modern dolls and my hard-to-find-clothes-for vintage dolls. Very cute! 


One to go, a tiny green dress for those really skinny dolls.

 I'm off to find one to take some photos!

I did it! 2 photos of the little green dress on 2 different dollies. AND a photo of my vintage Cindy in that pretty flowered dress...

Click here for more photos of Pachom's fashions, on my dollys...(yup I know...spelling. Thanks)

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