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09. August 2015
I love these clothes! Pachom Suesuwan is a doll clothes designer and dressmaker. I have included here several of her fashions, and also several dolls of different sizes and shapes in the same clothes, showing their versatility. Good stuff! Just click on the middle arrow to autoplay the 32 slides. Or click on the right arrow to go at your own pace. Thanks!

18" Crissy Doll and Agnes Dreary doll, with an American Girl salon chair
15. July 2015
The scale of my dolls, the relative sizes of one doll to another, has surfaced as an issue again as I share my doll photos with Someone I Know. And I find I am facing a kind of doll discrimination.... As I began my doll collecting in earnest again a while back, I was paying a lot of attention to scale. I collected lots of photos and information for reference, measuring my dollies and pouring over photos of dolls that might be a good fit. Since I was starting with a variety of sizes and...