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09. August 2015
I love these clothes! Pachom Suesuwan is a doll clothes designer and dressmaker. I have included here several of her fashions, and also several dolls of different sizes and shapes in the same clothes, showing their versatility. Good stuff! Just click on the middle arrow to autoplay the 32 slides. Or click on the right arrow to go at your own pace. Thanks!

Dianna Effner's Little Darlings handpainted by Geri Uribe and Helen Skinner, clothes by Janice Mundy
18. July 2015
These cute short sets for 13" dolls like the Little Darlings here, made by the talented Janice Mundy, are from her eBay shop mrsbobbinsews. Thanks, Janice! But gone now... :( It's mid July, time in the fashion world to wrap up the summer sales and start showing fall wardrobes. What a thought! It's 30c here! Now, dolls are dolls...they don't feel the temperatures the way we do. But when it's hot, my dolls wear sundresses, shorts. and sandals or barefeet. If it gets cool and cloudy they get a...

16. July 2015
Darling Lil" Bee is a shop on eBay and Etsy selling adorable sundresses, like this one, for 13" Dianna Effner's Little Darlings... Just a few months after I decided I could live in a caftan and a shawl for the rest of my life, after a lifetime of fascination with clothes, shoes, and fashion generally, I dropped into the world of doll fashions. Opening my childhood trunk of Barbie and other doll clothes reignited the admiration I have for the dressmakers to the dolls. My mom herself knitted and...