eBay Rescues...

Interesting concept...rescuing a doll from eBay.

I heard this term, eBay Rescues, from one of the members of a lovely Little Darling site. 


I consider this wild haired dolly my one eBay Rescue.


Now and then, several of the Little Darling artists auction a Little Darling on eBay. Since I wanted to get my stories going here on Hiya Dolly, after I ordered a couple of Little Darlings that would take a year to get to me, I started to look on ebay for LD's posted by the artists. 

 Now, as I tell this, I understand it won't make any sense, except to doll people-doll lovers, collectors, and especially perhaps, Little Darling collectors....


This dolly, a Geri Uribe Tiffany, was up for auction by a seller. I noticed her, but carried on looking for LD artists' postings.  Also, "Tiffany" was not a choice I would have made from the list of cute dollies on Geri Uribe's page at "The Doll Studio".


BUT! as I kept looking, I noticed this Little Darling got no bids by the end of the auction period. Nada.

I, uh, felt, uh, sorry for this dolly who had been passed by, by all the avid LD fans out there. I realized I didn't want her to feel left out, like a child who is passed over when teams are being picked for a game on a playground. So I bought her myself when she was relisted. I didn't want it to happen to her a second time. An eBay rescue....


And I LOVE her.  I called her Lula Star, after Someone I Know, and I love her intrepid, kind, and adventurous spirit. I am so glad she's here with us in Dolltown. I don't know what we would do without her...


But I did learn a valuable eBay lesson. Since this experience I have not bid on a doll just because it isn't chosen the first time around. eBay sellers are patient, and eventually these Little Darlings find a home. They don't all come home to Dolltown (I wish!).


And maybe Lula herself had something to do with it!

What lively Little Darling wouldn't want to be here with all the doll friends and adventures they get up to! 

Perhaps she heard about Dolltown and started sending out "Rescue me!" thoughts on our air waves.

Knowing Lula, she probably would have loved a helicopter rescue, with a couple of our bjd boys shooting energy zaps at all the people who passed her auction by, and scooping her up in the helicopter, while it is still hovering, using ropes and pulleys. And then all arriving here, with the rest of our dollies gathered, cheering her arrival. Medals for the boys. And a band, and hugs all around. And cupcakes and smoothies for all, while everyone listens to her story....


One way, or another, that's an eBay rescue.


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    Jano (Tuesday, 22 September 2015 16:15)

    Hi Sharon!
    I would love to know a forum where an LD is being sold!
    But not now. I have gathered enough to keep us going-enough characters!
    I struggle with eBay myself, as a Canadian with exchange rates, taxes, and a few custom charges too!
    Haha. Deprived dollies. We usually give our kids 2 names, right? (You too, eh?) And we like the names to go together. I think some kids get called by their 2 names, especially on Sunday, or when they are in trouble. Haha. (Erin Rose, go to your room!)
    Some of my dollies have 2 names so I remember their sources and original names. Most have just one name . Lula Star, that's like an inside family story. But it is forming Lula's character. She gets the rock star outfit from Calico Closet. Photo coming soon. So cute! Excuse me...
    Lula Star, turn down that music! I'm sorry I got you that electric guitar!
    Dolls these days....

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    Sharon in Spain (Tuesday, 22 September 2015 12:59)

    I don't have any ebay rescues but I do have some 'dolly forum rescues', do they count? I hope so! I have one of those amongst my LD family, and a rescue from a friend, and a 'rescue' from the UFDC website! I only don't have an ebay rescue because they're ransom fees are often above my budget especially when I have to add on about 45% of their price in customs fees....sigh.....
    I love your little Lula Star, she's a cutie. But here's a question for you, why is it that, more often than not, people give their LDs two names? All of my dolls just have one name, none of them have two names, altough I myself have two names. Are my girls deprived do you think? ;) Is this an American concept? Because I think most of those people are Americans. Just curious.
    Ok, off to eat my supper...sushi tonight :)
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x