Doll Fashions, from hats to boots

Doll collecting!

For some, that means once you have a doll, pristine and new (or even second hand), that means all you have to do is find a dark space with no dust.

No dress changes.

No accommodating seasonal weather.

No photo adventure shoots requiring jeans and a Tshirt....


But for some of us, collecting dolls means that almost every doll gets clothes, clothes for spring, summer, fall, and winter.

At least for those of us in four season climates.


And the dolls need some special outfits, like for Christmas or party time, or exploring or traveling!


This page, and its links, are dedicated to the clothing, wigs, and accessories that make the Dolls here in Dolltown action ready.... A few favorites have been featured already. 


 If you are a dolly dressmaker, especially those of you who sell on eBay and Etsy,

and you see an outfit here, unidentified, and you know it's yours, drop me a line!

There's some catching up to do. I have to research my sources.

And we have already had many photo shoots.



Doll Dressmakers, Wigs, and Accessories Sources

Fashion Doll Stylist

Pachom Fashions

Check out our favorite fashion sources

Here's two....


Leslie's pretty smocked dresses on eBay. Look for specialdelivery2006.


Leslie sews for a variety of dolls, including Sasha, Maru, and of course, the Little Darlings...which means Corolle and Paola Reina, too. 


I love these two dresses. One has a Christmas holly pattern, but the other could be a fall or winter dress with its green plaid design. Hat or stockings come with the dresses....


And Pachom Suesuwan's inspired basics, like these matching Christmas dresses on my Little Darling Xenny, and Tonner's Patsy, my Gabby (I put the extra ribbon on Gabby).

For more of Pachom's clothes, check out our Pachom's Fashions page

Dolltown Fashion Blog

Dolltown Little Darlings, in our Christmas Diorama

It's the Little Darlings!

All dressed up for Christmas!


We do stories here in we do a lot of doll photos, capturing each doll in action and repose.


I love looking at doll photos.

I love looking at my dolls in photos. And none more than the dozen Little Darlings that reside in Dolltown...


Our Dianna Effner Little Darlings have been chosen because we adore them, and I looked for as much variety as possible, and each has her own story for being here.

Dolltown has LD's from four different artists, who each have their own style, which contributes to the variety we want. 

The LDs' 3 sculpts, eye colors, and their expression then contribute to giving them the different looks we want for our stories. And our variety of hair colors, the cuts and styles, and the combinations of all these variables is deliberate. I even have charts of the combos to be sure we have covered "everybody". This is a challenge! (And not possible, but we do our best!)


Jiyoon, shown here, arrived April 2016 and was the last Little Darling to come to Dolltown.

The opportunity to choose our Joyce Matthews Little Darling came just after we decided to reflect our community as much as possible, which is mostly Caucasian, First Nations, Indian, and Asian. 


Through sculpt, material, and wardrobe, our dolls in Dolltown represent the cultures/races above, and also African, African American, NZ Aboriginal, alien...well, it gets complicated.

We are doing our best to be multicultural! We'd love to do more but some circumstances limit us.

Availability, price, Dolltown potential! 


But, back to Little Darlings in Christmas dresses! And adorable rompers!


Our Evie! Our first Little Darling, a factory paint.

She is Ana, a UFDC 2014 Shared Passions Convention doll by Dianna Effner.

After ordering four LD's from Geri Uribe, I brought this girl home so I could experience a Little Darling right away!

After her prototype arrived (Anna Zoey, below), we switched Ana to Evie in this cute red Roxie wig.

This girl is still available in the UFDC Shop.

Here's Tink!  After three months I was ready for Dolltown stories to begin!

But no Little Darlings coming for a year! We jus had Ana Evie...

She needed friends, so I resorted to the secondary market, and looked for a sculpt three.

I wanted a smiler! For some happy stories! And this Helen Skinner cutie showed up...score!

(She's wondering here why she has no ribbons, hair ties, or jewelry. Sorry Tink! We had to get the photo shoot done!)

Chantal is an original Dianna Effner girl! She is a sculpt three beauty... Another smiler!

She was purchased from the official Diana Effner seller on the secondary market, while they were still "reasonable".

(It is even more reasonable when the Little Darlings are ordered directly from the artists, but the wait times are long).

My third Little Darling and here for our early stories!

Lula is a Geri Uribe Tiffany, but was in this Rose wig when I first saw her.

I tell her purchase story in an earlier blog post, eBay Rescues...

Of course I wanted her! She looks like Lani, my youngest daughter.

And Lani was persuaded to take Lula when she moved to Australia last November.

After lots of travel adventures and fun photos, Lula rejoined us again this summer, when Lani returned for a visit.

Pearl is also from the secondary market, a Geri Uribe Dakota, one of my Geri favorites!

Her high eyebrows make her look much different from Lula, above, although these photos don't show it.

I chose this platinum Bubbles wig for her and popped it on when she arrived.

Scout  is a Helen Skinner sculpt two, with teal eyes, beautiful silky red hair, and a face that was impossible to resist!

She has a determined look and really helped me to develop the stories with the rest of the girls...


Xennia is our sweet Helen Skinner sculpt one.

Loved her! She arrived in the fluffy blond wig that Faith is now wearing, below. 

She spent her first months as Xenny, and then I put this Ellowyne Lizette wig on her, and fell in love again.


Anna Zoey, named after Dianna's Zoe, is the prototype for the UFDC 2014 Shared Passions Dianna Effner doll.

She traveled to China and back, at least once, for the factory Ana to be made for the conference.

So Evie, above, is Zoey's clone...

And the two of them are Dolltown's First Nations Little Darlings.

Faith is my Christmas Present doll.

She is a Joyce Matthews sculpt one, bought from the secondary market.

I had bid several times, over months, for one of Joyce's treasures, but the bids always went too high.

This girl, in brown pigtails, had a great, surprising starting price.

I bid almost out of wishful habit, and won, as they say. There were no other bids. It was odd. Lucky me!

So we ended up with a blue eyed Joyce girl! For Christmas!

I was as happy as a child would be...and popped her in a pretty mohair blond wig. And Tink got the pigtails!


Birdy was first! The first Little Darling I committed to. The moment I saw her.

She had the sense of innocence and look of love that I was looking for.

A child whose life has not offered up, yet, the pain and suffering that comes with life itself.

She is Geri Uribe's sculpt one Arial.

Rosa, Geri Uribe's Gina, was the second Little Darling I picked.

After two other blue eyed girls arrived, Lula and Pearl, I requested true green eyes when the order time came close.

I took her cute little braid out after our active lives in Dolltown made it unmanageable.

And with the green eyes, dark red hair, and direct look, I think Rosa looks older than the Gina I chose to begin with!

Coco started out as Conner, with a black bob....perfect! At first.

But her sweet expression suggested this change to a soft brown Jojo wig.

That gives her the possibility to be two characters, if we need a stunning black haired, blue eyed girl.


Maggie is a Geri Uribe Abigail,  and she looks like my oldest daughter Tasya.

I had chosen a  redhaired sculpt two first, from Geri Uribe,

but after we got Scout, I changed to this intense and sweet paint, a sculpt one.

Maggie is now living with her doppelganger, in London, for a few months...

And since she isn't here for Christmas photos, we have included her last photos before she changed and left.

Jiyoon is my special order from Joyce Matthews, a year long wait.

When it was time to choose which Joyce girl I wanted I settled on this beauty, requested with dark eyes...

She is adorable. All the Little Darlings are!

Every time I think, "A dozen is too many, certainly!",

I do my best to choose which girls are not as necessary. And I fail.

All are equally essential. Now that they are here.

Each has developed a distinct character.

And each, as I handle her, is my favorite, the one that I could live with...if she was my only Little Darling.


The Little Darlings Dress Up for Christmas...

We set up a Christmas doll diorama at our local Country Christmas.


But none of the Little Darlings were allowed to go for the month long event...


We couldn't take a chance on any of them disappearing.

And we need them for our December stories.

If we need any of the others, who are now in the locked glass cabinet downtown, we'll bring them home to Dolltown for a story or a photo.


But the LD's will probably go on day trips...and join the other dolls in the cabinet while I am there for a few hours. 

It's our Christmas Pop Up Shop at the Country Music Hall of Fame.

We sell upcycled red glass vases filled with pine boughs and fancied up with Christmas Ribbon.


Before this diorama was taken away to get set up in the cabinet, we set it up in Dolltown for a photo shoot.

And the Little Darlings got dressed in their Christmas outfits!


Nice to have Lula here for Christmas this year! Last year she was in Australia, surfing.

This year it's Maggie who is gone...spending Christmas in London, England this year.


More photos coming!

Each of the girls have photos, like Faith and Zoey below...


Nataliya's Dresses!

In October, checking for fall fashions, I noticed a couple of beautiful knit dresses by Nataliya.

Much as I loved them I passed them... several times!

Then, one day, Nataliya offered several of her knit dresses for a price I couldn't resist.

Including the two I had been eyeing.

I pushed the buy button and happily opened a doll fashion package not long before Halloween...

I did a photo shoot for fun, getting the girls changed from their school clothes, before they dressed in their costumes.

Even though they are knit, they are not all suitable for fall. Some of the colors are joyfully spring like!

So several of these have been put away least January!

Aren't they something! Can't believe it! Thank's Nataliya!


The two below were the ones that caught my eye to begin with!

Okay, the middle outfit below is Nataliy's...and so are the amazing three net skirts!

Love them!

I matched the burgundy and green skirts with cute cardigans from Linda on eBay, amgirliam... 


The Little Darlings Get Ready For School!

Tink and Xennia are the first to show up.

And Tink looks like she is ready for school, although it's not the outfit Maggie and Jiyoon picked for what's up?

Xennia does get her school outfit on.

And Jiyoon and Maggie pick their school clothes too...

Tink and Xennia! Gone already! They don't even wait for a little fun with their friends!

But here come Chantal and Faith...and they snap up the two matching plaid skirt outfits.

They are excited! They even get matching berets!

Jiyoon and Maggie tidy up for who's next.

Birdy and Coco!

Maggie knows Birdy wants to wear the M&K outfit that Tink wore all summer.

The shorts have been put away, but they found a skirt that matches perfectly!

And the helpers find hair ties in their favorite colors.

Yellow for Birdy, and blue for Coco!

Now, next come a pair of friends who love school!

Zoey, our dark haired scholar even takes over the class sometimes to talk about the latest things she's learned.

Maggie and Jiyoon have just the outfit in mind for Zoey.


Zoey and Pearl can't wait for the school year to get started.

They conducted their own Summer School over the summer to help the Dolltown children avoid the summer slide.

"Not on our watch!", they said, gathering reluctant children from the playgrounds and forests.

"If there are three squirrels and six nuts, how many nuts does each squirrel get?"

Now, we hear that Tink and Xennia show up again, even though they are dressed!

Stay tuned....


The Little Darlings at Grandma Terri's

The Little Darlings have come to see Terri...Grandma Terri.

Now, the relationships can get a little complicated in Dolltown, but Terri is LIKE a grandmother to...everybody.

(Except, of course her friends and...Ernie.)

Several of the children live at Terri's big house, like Zoey, Evie, and Shasta (and they have lots of sleepovers).

But today they are all happy to come and visit with Terri before they go to ready for school...

We took photos of the girls together, and celebrate these Basic Dresses that are the foundation of the Dolltown wardrobe.

A simple waisted dress that can be dressed up or down.

Today, no ribbons or shoes as the summer winds down its last warm days!

Then they will be sorted for fall possibilities, and the most spring-like will be put away.


Maggie and Kate Create! It's the froggy outfit!

First of all, we have been saved by a surprise package from Pachom...


Just when we were wondering what to do about Xennia. She heard that Tink gets to wear the new outfit from Maggie and Kate, when it comes.

Then Tink tried to make Xennia feel better by hunting for baby frogs. No luck!

But then an envelope arrived in the mail. with a cute button dress, perfect for Xennia!

Thank goodness! Thanks Pachom!

I guess Pachom's psychic!

But someone has to go and tell Evie and Conner, who are still staked out at the froggie pond. They are still waiting for Tink an Xennia to show up!They don't know that everybody is gathered around the unwrapping of Kate and Maggie's adorable outfit!

The M&K package arrived! Tink and Xennia are excited!

Birdy and Rosa joined them for the unwrapping!

Below....Tink was ready for an outing, all dressed in her froggy garden outfit. She jumped in Auntie J's cloth tote, not realizing that Auntie was on her way to fetch a bottle of champagne for an upcoming birthday. But Tink was a hit at the liquor store, I heard.  

Auntie Jackie! Tink is a child!

Well...a doll child. But still!

Dianna Effner Little Darling dolls open mail from Maggie and Kate Create
Dianna Effner Little Darling Tink dressed in a doll fashion from Maggie and Kate Create
Helen Skinner's Dianna Effner Little Darling, our Tink on errands with Jackie


Our Ellowynes Meet Up, and the Tonner Guys are Invited!

Our Ellowyne girls are planning a major Pop Up of their own. They are meeting to finalize plans for the venue, and decide on how to market their event.


I told them they can use our Facebook page...

These girls met in the evening and invited the guys. There is a lot of work to do, and the girls can use all the help they can get.


Hey does that mean the children will be called on?


Little Darlings, City Girl and Country Girl...

Jiyoon gets to wear the Mondrian dress first here in Dolltown...


Sometimes it's just who is closest to the door when the package arrives.

But I must say that I thought of Jiyoon right away when I saw this adorable Mondrian-inspired dress by Alison Austin on a lovely Facebook group I belong to.

I didn't want to let this creative artsy dress slip away, so after pointedly ignoring the bid for a couple of days I melted, bid, and won (as they say). 

In for a penny...then I chose a color combo for Alison's ruffle style dress and pinafore.... Two dresses, save on shipping. Makes sense right?

Hey Maggie! Come here a minute!

They heard the knock at the door...and Maggie and Jiyoon followed me right out to the porch. Much to the surprise of our intrepid deliverer. The package didn't even make it into the house! Get the scissors! the girls said, jumping up and down in excitement...

Sleek, chic, geometric, a throwback to 60's art style...

Here is just the pinafore from the ruffled dress. This can work!

Warm, sweet, ruffled, a throwback to another time...

I just added the hair ribbon to the bodice, since it is a little low.

And a third Alison Austin style shows her creative range...

And the under dress is just adorable. I love the sleeves! And the versatility!


Scout all dressed up...

Scout missed the fun Dress Up with the rest of the girls.

She was on assignment, promoting the upcycling trend...


Willow got out Romance and Whipped Cream's dress just for Scout. We think Scout was VERY excited, although it's hard to tell.  You look pretty, Scout!

Uh oh...

Is it natural fabric? Scout asks Willow. Was it created without cruelty to animals?


We snapped photos quickly...signalling to Willow not to answer until the shoot was done, just in case.

Scout has her standards...


Little Darlings in the Stage Room...

More photos of our Little Darlings in the fancy Ellowyne fashion doll dresses...


See our Ellowynes in these dresses, in the January blog post, Ellowynes in The Ballroom.

Xennia, Pearl, Jiyoon, Maggie, and Birdy are wearing original Ellowyne dresses, I believe.

Rosa and Tink are wearing Ellowyne dresses made from dressmakers.

Zoey, in red, is wearing a sequin dress made for the Little Darlings. But I bought it for my older vintage Cindy's. And our Betsy McCall, Pamela, wore it as a festive Christmas dress.

Anna Zoey








In the first photos our Little Darlings are waiting for the Stage Room to be set up...

On the right, in the photos, you can see a little of our red piano...ready for a concert!

In the photos on the left side here, you can see the little Ellowyne high heels the girls would have worn, had they fit.

Thanks Willow! So thorough!


Little Darlings Dress Up

The Little Darlings were invited to a Facebook Anniversary party. And found there were no Little Darling frilly, smocked, or lace dresses in their cupboard! 

Well, not enough to go around...

Ellowynes to the rescue! Willow brought a mound of dresses...and high heeled shoes to match!


The Little Darlings pounced on the pretty dresses. The shoes did NOT fit, much to their disappointment. But the dresses did, almost! A few pins, a hair ribbon and they were ready for the party...


Tink, of course, opted for a silk flower the size of her head. Over the top, Tink. Thank you, she says!

For more photos from this lovely photo shoot, hop over to the Little Darlings page. 

The girls didn't want the party to end after the photos were taken! As a matter of fact they are still wearing their fancy dresses...

Birdy got to wear her pretty yellow dress on a trip to Art Knapps, where we got some cute photos! But that's another story...

Willow is flanked here by Xennia in the flouncy fuschia flowered dress and Jiyoon in the black slip dress trimmed with shiny fuchsia ruffle.


Both are part of Willow's Woefully Romantic original outfit.  Jiyoon's dress is actually a slip for the flouncy overdress! 2 for 1!

Check out the Ellowyne fashion shoot, Ellowynes In the Ballroom, with the Ellowyne's themselves wearing most of these dresses! All except Zoey's red sequin dress...


Our Little Darlings on Adventures...First, Tink and Xennia!

It's so nice out!

All our Little Darlings are ready for adventures in the garden!


These girls are wondering, Where are Tink and Xennia?

Tink and Xennia got to go for a day of work to Auntie Mischelle's...

But it wasn't long before they jumped down from the work trailer and headed down to the poppy meadow, the river, and the trees.


I tagged along to take some photos and to be sure they were safe!


Little Darling Jiyoon...

Jiyoon arrived soon after our four originals...

Here you see her with Zoey, a long time Dolltown resident.  

Jiyoon has already made fast friends with Maggie. You can hear them both chatting a mile a minute.

And Birdy welcomes Jiyoon, asking her all about her travels here....

Asa and the Iples welcome Jiyoon, inviting her to stay with them at Dolltown Abbey.

What? How wonderful for Jiyoon, and all the other dollies! Because there is an amazing playroom....

We can't wait!

Jiyoon feels welcome in Dolltown!

We have given her a Korean name approved by Grace, a friend and acupuncturist from South Korea. So her story is...a little South Korean girl, arriving via US.

Probably why she received the invitation to live with our other Korean dolls, the Iplehouse bjd's!

Zoey called all dark haired little darlings for a photo op when Jiyoon arrived!  I think we have a majority!

Black hair, brunette. rich brown. From straight to curly!  Hey, where's Chantal? And Xennia where's your waist ribbon?

Jiyoon and Rosa had a photo entered in a spring photo contest. Jiyoon is wearing an outfit we won in a draw!

Carolyn Gebert made this little blue tshirt and striped skirt, and added the purse and teddy. How cute is this!

Rosa, you too! Cute! Love your bears!

Jiyoon has found a kindred spirit in Maggie! From climbing trees to talking about Dolltown, the world, and its ways, Maggie and Jiyoon are enjoying each others company. Maggie is happy to show Jiyoon around!


Tomi Jane Bid on eBay


Tomi Jane's beautiful dress, on her own Little Darling...


Earlier this year, I was thrilled to get two sets of Tomi's Colorways dresses at what I thought were very reasonable costs.


I wasn't in the market for more.

But when I saw this dress of perfection on eBay, and saw its starting bid, I couldn't resist going for it!

In the end I didn't win....

Which means maybe I can get a few sandals for my girls this year.


But is this going to happen every time a Tomi Jane dress becomes available for the masses? Am I going to succumb each time to beauty and possibility, bid,  and take the consequences?

I think yes, IF I see it.


So I don't know whether to stop perusing eBay for things I do need,

in case my eyes land on TJ's unmistakable creations,

or ask Tomi to hike her prices up beyond my reach (wouldn't take much),

or just do extra jobs around the neighbourhood when I find my dolly piggy bank empty and a TJ dress on eBay offered for a song.


I am disappointed that I lost the bid.

But let's be realistic.

  • It's a dress the girls would NOT be able to wear playing out in the yard.   "You girls get in here and change your clothes! What are you thinking?"
  • It could only be worn for 3 seasons of the year. Not fall, right?  So useful only 75% of the year.
  • It would only suit the black haired girls, or the platinums, the redheads, or the brunettes... (okay, okay).

It's just that we have a talent show coming up, and this dress would have, I am sure, INSPIRED a song...from at least one or two dollies here. And applause from others.

Oh well.

I didn't win it but I am thinking of blowing up the photo of the dress a little, printing it, cutting it out and adding shoulder tabs...

So I can put it on my dollies and PRETEND it's ours.


I don't think Tomi Jane would mind...



Two dolly matchups in one day!

Chris is busy today.

The boys are expected soon at Asa's Open House!

But first Chris accompanied Will to the Bridge to meet his online friend Conner, who now resides in Dolltown. 


Now he is keeping his brother Douglas company while Douglas waits for Chantal. Chantal is Douglas's favorite friend in Dolltown (besides his bro, of course).



Douglas wants to show Chantal his new outfit, sent all the way from Pachom in Montreal. He is hoping to persuade Chantal to go to the library with him later, while he researches ships at sea. 


Douglas is a studious boy. He likes nothing more than sinking into a good reference book. Preferably full of numbers. Or historical facts. 


And he knows that Chantal likes to find songbooks and stories of the great musical composers when she goes to the library....



Douglas  has a special passion for all things nautical. And these pj's are patterned with buoys, anchors, and compass roses. No wonder he wanted this outfit!


Douglas doesn't notice that these look like pj's. He is not really socially conscious and he is very sensitive.

And Chantal is very kind. 


I know she is telling him how nice he looks. And that she would love to go to the library with him.


Did I hear her say she will look for sea shanties? Sweet girl. 

We ALL love Chantal!


Greet the Originals...

Welcome girls!


These are my gateway dolls...the Dianna Effner Little Darlings.


All the stories that have taken place here on Hiya Dolly started with these girls. But this particular four didn't actually arrive until this last week. So, we get to know them in 3D! And they are even cuter than their sample photos! Thanks Geri!


These four girls are handpainted by Geri Uribe of The Doll Studio. Geri works closely with Dianna,  and Geri's were the dolls available to order when I was ready.  Sometimes the Little Darling artists get so many orders for these lovely dolls that the only place to get an LD is on the open market...


Dolltown has been fortunate to gather several LD's for our stories. Now, with just one last one to arrive....


The Path, the bridge between Dolltown and the rest of the world...


This is where the dolls come and go-dolls returning from assignments, dolls off on trips, and new dollies arriving...


Here to greet our originals:

  • Eve, the first LD to arrive in Dolltown, a Factory girl
  • Pip (Pearl), in Dolltown for months and a Geri girl
  • Anna Zoey, Eve's prototype, a Dianna girl


It's taking a few days to get to know the real girls...we immerse in names, clothes are traded back and forth, friendships are formed, even wigs change!


Pachom sent the boys more clothes! Wow...

Scout has heard that some clothes arrived for the boys, from Pachom. If it's true she's calling dibs on some for Badger. Badger has been wearing the old green overalls that Will came in. Well, Scout got him to wear them back in December to do some work for her. He didn't mind!

She's off to find out...

The rumour was true! Clothes from Pachom came in the mail, out of the blue! Pachom sent us two very cute boys outfits. Scout scooped them and gave some jeans and a Tshirt to Badger, who's trying them on. And Eve has the other outfit. The boys will have to decide. Who wants to wear anchors and buoys?

Douglas is wearing Pachom's cute outfit with a nautical theme. Douglas likes it because it has a compass rose on it. He is fond of compasses and maps and the history of sea travel.


He doesn't mind that the other kids think it looks like pj's. But he took Will's offer of a pair of black pants to change into for the Easter games. 

He doesn't want to get grass stains during the Easter egg roll.


He left to show Chantal. He is going to ask her if she wants to go to the library to research nautical symbols. Maybe there is a book with seafaring songs. She'll like that! 

Badger is very happy with this outfit from Pachom, jeans and a Tshirt. But is it because it is a perfect boy's outfit, or because Scout made sure he was the one who got it? He loves all things Scout. Not likely to complain!


We know we are thankful once again for Pachom's generosity in clothing these  Dolltown lads. They are ALMOST not sharing from other dolls anymore. 


Sending the the Robin Woods doll to her for a Christmas present was a brilliant idea. Whose idea was that? I am going to give whoever it was a medal! Look at these happy faces!

Will was already looking pretty good after his December makeover. He scored a great burgundy button shirt. But he jumped on the chance for a change when Douglas decided to wear the patterned outfit.


Will is now wearing the cozy cords that Pachom sent the boys last fall, and a natty hooded knit cardigan with silver buckles (borrowed from the bjd boys). Looks good, Will!


Now he is feeling ready to meet his pen pal in person. He wants to make a good first impression. Will is very excited that it is finally going to happen! She is arriving soon!


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone!


Easter to us in Dolltown means Spring, blue skies, flowers, pastels, bunnies, eggs, decorating eggs, candy eggs...


And Easter Egg Hunts, a real favorite!


The doll children heard about a fun game I instigated with groups of older human children in my care, at Easter parties...

  • Get dressed DOWN, not up
  • Line up with a partner, facing across from each other
  • Start close to each other
  • Toss a raw egg to your partner, WITHOUT BREAKING IT!
  • Successful? Both take a step back
  • Repeat until one pair lasts the longest and wins the prize!

This was a very popular game!

And the doll children asked to play it at THEIR party coming up.


Oh sure! I thought. I'll just gather a few pretty little blue Robin's eggs, since they are just the right size for a dolly egg toss. NOT!!


I let the dollies down gently with promises of other fun games, like tossing teeny marshmallows into baskets, racing new Music Bunny around the Universe Circle, hunting for shiny eggs in the tall grass (very tall for little dollies!), and at the very end...rolling down the little hill in their pretty dresses and natty shirts.  Who could fuss after promises like that?


Now I have to go and get the dollies and the party ready.

And tell my people that I am throwing another party...for my DOLLS!!!



Little Darling Twinzy Spring Dresses! 

Success! Doll dressmaker extraordinaire, Tomi Jane, had several dresses in her eBay shop, tomijanesews, for a short time. I JUMPED at the chance to acquire two matching sets for our Little Darlings here in Dolltown... Yay!

We decided to match up dresses using 2 more designs. This classic style is my very favorite for its versatility. Our Little Darlings have several to choose from! The pretty purple flowered dress was from Kathy  at tkctcrafts. And Pachom Suesuwan's pink flowered dress, minus its cute white shrug. was also from eBay, at pachom10.

 Tomi does a beautiful job with her dress designs, sewing, knitting...

Even her doll dressing and photography are spectacular. 

She has been featured here on Hiya Dolly more than once...even before we had her dresses here in Dolltown!

Check out her work on Flickr. Lots of Helen Kish and American Girl photos too!


More of our own photos of these lovely dresses!

Colorways! Tomi Jane called this pretty series Colorways, a term used by dressmakers to describe a fabric available in a variety of colors. Here Tomi has added matching hair circlets in that cute crinkle ribbon.

So cute! This is a new design for me, from Joyce at prairiemoondesigns, This style has a lot of skirt, little cap sleeves, and opens at the back for ease of dressing.

And I notice there are lots more fabrics available since I last visited her site...

Tempting! Especially at those prices!

Dolltown spring diorama!


This is a doll background, with a white picket fence.


And this adorable flower wagon just arrived in Dolltown, a gift from a friend and Dolltown supporter, Mischelle.

Cute and useful! :)


More photos from the photo shoot...we took lots of cute photos of our Little Darlings!


The Children in the Pink Room

It's little Linda McCall, with McCall's Betsy and Barbara.

Also Paola Reina Liu and Agnes Dreary in a pink ribbon!

In Dolltown, that's Pamela, Nellie, and little Vera.

And Ling in a plaid skirt and Vikka in her black boots.

Shasta, our Tiny Shawl Dancer, is pretty tall for the little ones!

There's a Berdine Creedy, a Helen Kish, little Linda, Fancy Nancy, and Tonner Patsy shows up...