Little Darling Jiyoon...

Jiyoon arrived soon after our four originals...

Here you see her with Zoey, a long time Dolltown resident.  

Jiyoon has already made fast friends with Maggie. You can hear them both chatting a mile a minute.

And Birdy welcomes Jiyoon, asking her all about her travels here....

Asa and the Iples welcome Jiyoon, inviting her to stay with them at Dolltown Abbey.

What? How wonderful for Jiyoon, and all the other dollies! Because there is an amazing playroom....

We can't wait!

Jiyoon feels welcome in Dolltown!

We have given her a Korean name approved by Grace, a friend and acupuncturist from South Korea. So her story is...a little South Korean girl, arriving via US.

Probably why she received the invitation to live with our other Korean dolls, the Iplehouse bjd's!

Zoey called all dark haired little darlings for a photo op when Jiyoon arrived!  I think we have a majority!

Black hair, brunette. rich brown. From straight to curly!  Hey, where's Chantal? And Xennia where's your waist ribbon?

Jiyoon and Rosa had a photo entered in a spring photo contest. Jiyoon is wearing an outfit we won in a draw!

Carolyn Gebert made this little blue tshirt and striped skirt, and added the purse and teddy. How cute is this!

Rosa, you too! Cute! Love your bears!

Jiyoon has found a kindred spirit in Maggie! From climbing trees to talking about Dolltown, the world, and its ways, Maggie and Jiyoon are enjoying each others company. Maggie is happy to show Jiyoon around!

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