Ellowynes in the Ballroom

The Ellowynes, all three sculpts, were invited to do a photo shoot in their best dresses last June.

In the Ballroom, where Dolltown holds its dances, and dance lessons! 


While January winter days take their sweet time going by, we revisited the photos. Nice! Sharing...

Oksana came late to the shoot, but got a few photos in on her own.


Bright turquoise eyes!


More photos coming of the individual photos from the Ballroom shoot.


Check on the Start Ups page soon!

Ana asked Noddy what they were up to...


After the Ellowyne's were done, and the Tonner guys had a dance or two with them, the children took over the Ballroom.


Fun!  Photo slide story coming soon.

With Lula! Before she left for Australia in November...

Willow here, who scooped the Monique May wig last spring, has passed it on to Little Darling Faith.

We'll see Willow in a short blond wig over on the Gallery...

This is a lovely wig that is not made anymore. Why?

Elena, our Yelena, is our Ellowyne elder.

I understand she was a Basic, made in 2006, the first year the Ellowynes came out, created by Robert Tonner.

She had long dark curly hair which I guess was cut right off. But I love this silky straight black wig on her....

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