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26. January 2016
A short story... Haha. Really short...7 pages. I am exploring resources for creating kids books again. I have one story on Amazon, with dolls, about the letters of the alphabet, created with the downloadable Amazon program Kindle Kids' Book Creator, Ana's Alphabet Book A to Z. Read about that book process here. This teeny book is created on an app, Book Creator. The app has several features that help me with my story writing: -post the photos -change the order -add text or draw/print -change...

23. January 2016
The Ellowynes, all three sculpts, were invited to do a photo shoot in their best dresses last June. In the Ballroom, where Dolltown holds its dances, and dance lessons! While January winter days take their sweet time going by, we revisited the photos. Nice! Sharing...

20. January 2016
Welcome, Don Quixote! Here in Dolltown, it was decided that we should have a marionette or two. I love puppets but we only have a few here. We have never had a marionette. So G and I researched and looked at lots of photos and videos... The marionette world is very interesting, full of stories and charm! We enjoyed the search! In the end we made our choices from a site in Czechoslovakia, Czech Marionettes. They sell a variety of marionettes, created in different materials, and fashioned after a...

16. January 2016
On Snow Day, Uley got to go snow jumping with the older kids. He was even first to jump! So he was excited to bring his little cousin, Lilac Moon, to the jump... Long way down, kids! Lilac's game!

10. January 2016
Dolltown adventurous little characters in order of appearance, more or less: Faith Scout Pearl Zoey Badger Uley Eve Tink Xenny Chantal Chris Douglas Dixon Owen Will

09. January 2016
Before our Snow Day, Faith gets to explore the Dolltown environment. She is a little surprised at the cold, and all the snow. But we know we have to have our snow play day soon because our weather fluctuates and the snow can disappear in the blink of an eye. Well, overnight sometimes.

04. January 2016
2016 Set intentions, possibilities... Gratitude for all my company here, alive and seem-alives. And thanks to all my dollhead readers and explorers!