Getting to know Pearl, and a good app, Book Creator!

A short story...


Really short...7 pages.


I am exploring resources for creating kids books again.

I have one story on Amazon, with dolls, about the letters of the alphabet, created with the downloadable Amazon program Kindle Kids' Book Creator, Ana's Alphabet Book A to Z. 

Read about that book process here.


This teeny book is created on an app, Book Creator.

The app has several features that help me with my story writing:

-post the photos

-change the order

-add text or draw/print

-change the layout, colors, font...


And you can preview the story in your own iBooks! Fun!

At some point you can sell your book on iBooks too.

When you have a story you want to publish...


For now I am still exploring...

And next time I'll find some props, and make the book a little longer. Pearl is such a great dolly, a good listener! (A good listener, eh?) She deserves more than 7 pages. I know she'd want the hummingbird in there...the hummingbird she found at Aunt Jacalyn's.


And who's giving her popcorn?

Is it that Auntie Jackie again? So-o-o indulgent!

Ana and 25 other dolls introduce the alphabet letters, with their names!

A for Ana

G for Gabby...


This book actually helps kids learn the SOUNDS that the letters make.


Good for little learners!


But the book itself does not make sounds...

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