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02. July 2017
After waiting in the rose garden, Little Darlings Rosa and Birdy and friends, Will and Uley, get to work on the Eiffel Tower model. Rosa's shoe is still lost in the garden!

16. December 2015
This new Robin Woods boy, Dickens, is ready for a change, much as he loved his green velvet, purple ruffled outfit. We found him a brown pair of trousers, a button up shirt, and he agreed to switch shoes with Will... But he's still vacillating about cutting his hair. What do you think?

06. December 2015
This Robin Woods doll, "Matthew", arrived with a couple of friends. We figure they are all from the early 90's. Matthew got a makeover to become Will, a doll with an interesting mix of technological savvy and a love of the outdoors and big machines...