The BJD's 1st Christmas, exciting!

The older dolls, the BJD's, want to get in on the Christmas action too.

So they got their coats on the day the little ones came down to the park for a winter shoot.

And then a migration towards the living room filled with Christmas decorations.

Why are Tania's arms in that funny position? Because unless you buy from the Iplehouse company itself, the 1/4 scale  size that is supposed to fit these 17" dollies JUST DOESN'T.  Just sayin... So, it's easier to pretend it's a warm winter day than to try to do up the buttons.


The BJD's were behind the acquisition of two clear skull heads, to use for decorations.

How did I ever agree to that?

It's that indulgent Aunt Jacalyn, catering to the whims of the dolls. For Christmas I said?

Just fill them with red and green colored water, she said.

Oh, a craft project with my dolls!

As if I don't have enough to do.

Keep an eye out for the photo.

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