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28. October 2016
Little Darling witches Jiyoon and Lula passed the time in the Moon Arch Room, waiting for their friends to arrive. They played with little Magnet Head Dolls, while Skeleton joined them with Spidey.

16. April 2016
What!? Asa has invited, not only our reporter Miley, but ALL the Dolltown dolls. Does she understand what she is in for? Actually yes. She worked it out with the Juniors here, and with Lee and business partner, redheaded Arlen. They know the numbers and have worked out a schedule!! (We do say we have 100 dolls here, although that number fluctuates.) It will take more than one day, they figure... Tell me about it. I am the photographer. Phew! And Miley, who was first, and came the day before the...

04. December 2015
The older dolls, the BJD's, want to get in on the Christmas action too. So they got their coats on the day the little ones came down to the park for a winter shoot. And then a migration towards the living room filled with Christmas decorations.

31. October 2015
Variety of bjd's... Normal skins, peach gold skins, and real skins, all dressed in black. Hey Tania! What's with the pink bunny costume?

29. October 2015
Three friends meet at The Fall Tree where the Halloween action will begin soon!