Ready for the Beach!

Beach Day!

We even have a lifeguard!

Look at Tink!

We posted photos of Tink wearing her froggy outfit a few days ago. Again. She didn't want to take it off...


Well, she felt that way about the Paris Elie Saab dress too. She walked out the door of the fitting room, still wearing it! There was a brief hubbub until our dolls were able to convince the people getting the dollies changed, that Tink is not capable of "stealing".  No intent! She just does not have the concept of "yours" and "mine" fully established. She shares her stuff easily and happily! Well, she also shares other's stuff easily, which causes a fuss sometimes...


But she turned up at the beach VERY happy, froggy outfit forgotten, because she is now wearing a yellow tube sock.

MY yellow tube sock, cut with scissors!

"Scout did it", Tink says, happy. And Scout shared with her.

SCOUT! Come here a minute!

Okay, we'll talk later.

Those tube tops they've made for the beach are just too cute!

The other girls arrive in groups!

Tink and Scout aren't the only ones with a made-up summer beach outfit!

Some creative outfits here! Recognize our summer dresses pantaloons?

And the Little Darling underwear tops? Shhhh. Swimwear!

Since we only have two real bathing suits. 

Scout and Lula! Such good buddies!

And Lula is wearing the cute bathing suit that she took to Australia!

And just wait until you see what she has learned how to do, partnering up with another Little Darling.

So fun!

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  • #1

    April (Wednesday, 24 August 2016 19:19)

    OMG, this is just tooooooo adorable!!!! I'm not too sure the "lifeguard" is of much value, but not a problem. I don't think any of the girls are planning to go swimming in such cute beachwear. One outfit is cuter than the other. Okay, so sometimes underpinnings have to take the place of "real" swimwear, but I'll not tell anybody. Promise!!! Love, love, love Lula's animal printed bathing suit. So such a very pretty beach party! Have fun girls!!!

  • #2

    Jano (Wednesday, 24 August 2016 20:36)

    Hey thanks!
    We get to see the cute pantaloons that are usually hidden under their pretty dresses!
    And I am sure the girls were reading your advice to use pretty things from your wardrobe, like underpinnings! (Do socks count though! Hahaha).

  • #3

    April (Thursday, 25 August 2016 18:51)

    I'll take full responsibility for your socks. I think Scout has become addicted to my blog and got the idea from a post where I suggest cutting up old clothes instead of buying new fabric. I should have, perhaps, included a disclaimer, instructing little dollies to ask permission first!!!! Well, you have to give her points for pulling it off. But take a hint....hide your gloves and sweaters!!!!

  • #4

    Jano (Thursday, 25 August 2016 20:52)

    I'm sure she got the idea from reading your blog. I might have even read it to her, because they ask for it for a bedtime story!
    But you know, Scout knew Tink was balking at changing and her eyes lit up when Scout came out wearing one and with the other in hand for Tink.
    And Scout is not going to care if I like my socks, if a good cause can be served.
    Sure enough, I was thankful. I still have my pink socks...I think!
    Wow! Locks on my drawers....