Waiting for Noddy...

Noddy's Dolltown buddies are expecting her to show up at the cafe for Happy Hour.

However, she is not likely to show up. I saw her in the Dolltown First Aid Station myself, huddled naked under a quilt. She's been there for a couple of days, no procedure yet.  


Noddy and her friend, Bandy, are actually still waiting for a heating pad. A blow dryer was suggested, but the girls opted for the longer wait time and, apparently, a shorter procedure. As the doll fixer, I am...procrastinating. Letting time go by before I ask the neighbors for the doll fixing equipment necessary. I have been asking overnight guests if they have brought a heating pad. Nobody travels with them. Lucky for me.


Of course, I want to accommodate Noddy's wishes...


Noddy wants to wear "normal" shoes, like Soft Mocs and Birkenstocks.  And her friend, Bandy, wants to go into the modeling business. And wants to trade out her stained body for Noddy's spotless high heeled body.  


Dolls show their age, or misuse, in unusual ways, like possible black stain marks from too much dark clothing. And a Goth stage was deadly, and I guess this particular Prudence, Bandy, was too lazy to wear a body stocking. Or perhaps it was her last owner who was too.... (Sorry. Just a little bitter. How do I know she had a Goth stage? The clothes she arrived in.) For those black stains, soap and water, or even acetone free nail polish remover, just doesn't work. So Noddy's friend wants a whole new body.


And Noddy could care less about the stains. She just wants out of the whole high heeled thing. It just does not work for her. It's a perfect trade. I was happy to negotiate the whole thing. Now I just have to get happy with the switching heads part. Novice. :)

Noddy and Bandy have been secretly talking about this for months...even I didn't know. It wasn't until Bandy came to me complaining about her chances in the big city, sporting suede flats. I didn't approve right away, as you can imagine. but my girls have their own lives to live. (Wha?)

So I started my research....


Just so you know who we are talking about. 


Noddy has been keeping a low profile, tired of wearing high heels. She is looking forward to wearing the pants and leather jacket that ended up being too small for the muscled bjd boys...with some nice black loafers. It's time for a change.

Bandy is moving to the city to do some modeling.  She has been told that they like her smooth sculpt, her slanted eyes, and her long shiny hair. But she has also been told that her feet and her consequent wearing of casual flats is not good for her business. So she is going under the heating pad and hoping for a more glamorous look. She is excited.

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