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Little Darlings · 28. June 2019
Little Darling Tink gets a monkey suit, but a pretty one! And our gorgeous Tonner Ellowyne Amber dons a new outfit too, in vibrant colors to match her hair! The other girls want a chance at these outfits!

14. September 2016
The Ellowynes have been in and out of Dolltown all summer. The local girls have been off to the City visiting and doing business with the City girls. And the City girls have been traveling to other countries. (And our Willow was on the catwalk of Paris in June!) We knew the Dolltown Ellowynes were back. But we didn't know the City gang was here too! But they all came down to Terri's End-of-Summer Shindig! First Eddie, Willow and Bandy brought the City group. They had to leave early to get back...

14. June 2016
Our Ellowyne girls are planning a major Pop Up of their own. They are meeting to finalize plans for the venue, and decide on how to market their event. I told them they can use our Facebook page...

27. May 2016
Scout missed the fun Dress Up with the rest of the girls. She was on assignment, promoting the upcycling trend... Willow got out Romance and Whipped Cream's dress just for Scout. We think Scout was VERY excited, although it's hard to tell. You look pretty, Scout!

22. May 2016
The Little Darlings were invited to a Facebook Anniversary party. And found there were no Little Darling frilly, smocked, or lace dresses in their cupboard! Well, not enough to go around...

18. May 2016
The Tonner Ellowyne dolls interact with all the other Dolltowners, most of the time... Here are a few random shots of the Ellowynes with others, over the last year.

04. April 2016
First... Quinn comes across a solitary Priscilla, grumbling. Priscilla knows Quinn but is unsure of strangers, or of those who look strange to her.

15. September 2015
Noddy's Dolltown buddies are expecting her to show up at the cafe for Happy Hour. However, she is not likely to show up. I saw her in the Dolltown First Aid Station myself, huddled naked under a quilt. She's been there for a couple of days, no procedure yet. Noddy and her friend, Bandy, are actually still waiting for a heating pad. A blow dryer was suggested, but the girls opted for the longer wait time and, apparently, a shorter procedure. As the doll fixer, I am...procrastinating. Letting...