Throwback Thursday! The Children...Uley and Oiya

Look at these two! So cute!


Uley is a 13" Berdine Creedy Uli, from 2007.


And Oiya is a 10.5" Heidi Plusczok Linette, from 2013.


They are explorers and are often are found in unusual places when I am gathering the children.


Unlike the dolls in the book The Doll People, who have to stick to a strict code of doll behaviour (like returning to the positions they were left in before the humans awake for the day), my dolls roam about as they please and have no concerns about my knowing that they do... 


You don't think that's a sign of...disrespect, do you?


I think it's because I encourage adventure and creativity in my dolls. 

Even if it means I can't find them sometimes.

Or they end up in odd places, like the tops of shelves that I can't reach!

I wonder where these two are right now?

Last I saw Uley, he was with the older kids at the Lego Batman movie. But I haven't seen Oiya for days! Hmmm...


To see Oiya and Uley in a few photos from last March CLICK HERE!


And below are close ups of these wonderfully designed dolls from two beloved doll makers!


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    April (Sunday, 05 March 2017 12:34)

    Oh.....the secret lives of our dolls!!! My dolls are pretty good about abiding by the doll rule of returning to their original positions before I awaken or come back into the room. Still, that gives them lots of time and space to do as they please. I've only lost one or two (but not for too long) when I wake them up after their long sleep. For the most part, they are pretty good dollies. But in a few instances, they wandered out of their boxes and got lost in the dark. But I usually find them within a week! My biggest problem--when they hide or borrow things and lose them. Now that is a problem!!!

  • #2

    Jano (Monday, 06 March 2017 13:54)

    Hahaha! Good one April!
    I can just see your girls and guys scrambling back to their places.
    Don't want to take a chance on no-new-clothes-from-April!
    But from what you say, I am thinking I don't have to take ALL responsibility for lost items!
    What a relief. Of course I still have to track down most of them...
    Now, I'm not sure if I can blame the older dolls for the ignition in my car not working this am...

  • #3

    Sharon in Spain (Thursday, 09 March 2017 13:49)

    What a cute pair. I've always admired the little Heidi Plusczok dolls but until now have never bought one. Maybe one day.

  • #4

    Jano (Friday, 10 March 2017 15:32)

    Hi Sharon! You have such a lovely variety of dolls!
    This girl is a 2013 10.5", Linette. She is one of a series of four.
    Their faces are remarkable. She is like a bjd, with lots of articulation.
    This one really attracted me! I really like her!