Uley, Oiya, and the Bird House

While the little girls were still playing in the Pink Room, Oiya showed up in jeans and a shirt.

Uley said it was so sunny outside and Oiya wanted to go out to play with him.

Okay, but put some shoes on, Oiya!

Uley and Oiya explore the bird houses. It's almost Spring!

Maybe some early birds have laid some eggs! 

Nope, not yet...

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    Sharon in Spain x (Thursday, 03 March 2016 15:26)

    Cute! It won't be long though and they'll be telling us YES! There ARE eggs in the bird houses!

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    Jano (Thursday, 03 March 2016 17:22)

    Won't be long for sure! But I bet the little birds will head for a quieter birdhouse around the garden! These two are favorites for the dollies, who can't figure out why the birdies move on...
    Hmmm...birdie props come to mind.
    Excuse me. I am off to scout out my birdie figurines!
    Enjoy your beautiful and lush garden!