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Little Darlings · 12. April 2020
Look what Tink found in the yellow Easter Egg...a robin! Bunny, Xennia, and more Little Darlings come to celebrate Spring coming. Is there an Easter Egg hunt?

Little Darlings · 11. April 2020
The Little Darlings are all dressed up in their Easter and Spring outfits! Birdy and Rosa can't wait to see all their friends! We're ready!

Little Darlings · 20. April 2019
We made it! Spring Celebration 2019 at the Dolltown Abbey Meadow! Iplehouse Cordelia Odelle is hosting, the goodies are here, and the Little Darlings are arriving. What more could we want!

18. April 2019
The Dolltown Abbey Meadow is the setting this year for the Spring Celebration! And that means the Iplehouse girls are getting the celebration ready. Decorate! The Paola Reina Amigas bring the piles of candy and chocolate...

27. March 2016
We celebrate Spring, get out all our flower dresses, open up our Easter basket full of eggs, bunnies, baskets... Our Picket Fence background is set up and then... a flow of dolls and stories! Iplehouse Asa here, has kept to herself. We rarely saw her for months. I was really impressed with Asa this week! She emerged and made the rounds of all the dolls. The dollies were delighted! Hugs all around. Wow. They call her Umunni, which sounds like "mother" in Korean. Asa is from Korea. Asa even...

23. March 2016
Happy Easter, everyone! Easter to us in Dolltown means Spring, blue skies, flowers, pastels, bunnies, eggs, decorating eggs, candy eggs... And Easter Egg Hunts, a real favorite! The doll children heard about a fun game I instigated with groups of older human children in my care, at Easter parties... Get dressed DOWN, not up Line up with a partner, facing across from each other Start close to each other Toss a raw egg to your partner, WITHOUT BREAKING IT! Successful? Both take a step back Repeat...

09. March 2016
Success! Doll dressmaker extraordinaire, Tomi Jane, had several dresses in her eBay shop, tomijanesews, for a short time. I JUMPED at the chance to acquire two matching sets for our Little Darlings here in Dolltown... Yay!

02. March 2016
While the little girls were still playing in the Pink Room, Oiya showed up in jeans and a shirt. Uley said it was so sunny outside and Oiya wanted to go out to play with him. Okay, but put some shoes on, Oiya!