We celebrate Easter, after a fashion

We celebrate Spring, get out all our flower dresses, open up our Easter basket full of eggs, bunnies, baskets...


Our Picket Fence background is set up and then...

a flow of dolls and stories!


Iplehouse Asa here, has kept to herself. We rarely saw her for months. I was really impressed with Asa this week! She emerged and made the rounds of all the dolls. The dollies were delighted! Hugs all around. Wow. They call her Umunni, which sounds like "mother" in Korean.

Asa is from Korea.


Asa even visited the Attic Dolls and stuffies, who are still in isolation while they are washed and sorted.

How kind!


And what you can't see (and I MUST take some photos!) is Asa right here in our living room. Lee is with her and they are sitting in one of the chairs, taking dolly visitors, like royalty.

WHY! are these bjd dolls so often kings, queens, warriors, chiefs, pirates, vampires, fairies and just generally Something Else than ordinary people, I mean dolls....


But I digress, celebrating Easter. Yes.

It is tiny Phoebe's first Easter celebration! 

Her family doesn't believe in either religious events or childish fun. So celebrating Easter would be definitely OUT! Phoebe usually spends all her time in study and learning, not in foolish pursuits.

We benefit from Phoebe's, ummm, superior intellect. 

But we have sway here in Dolltown, a place known to celebrate foolish pursuits. So Phoebe is experiencing a lot of firsts! 

And we have found that Phoebe rather enjoys our foolish pursuits. She feels it adds to her knowledge and wisdom to actually EXPERIENCE these activities, and not to just judge them from an academic standpoint.

I admit I may have planted that idea soon after Phoebe arrived in Dolltown.

But we are happy that Phoebe recognizes the value of this good idea.


Enjoy Easter, Phoebe!

Or Pheebs, as Gabby calls her.

Hey! Sounds like Peeps, famous Easter candy!


And Asa Umunni! Welcome to the Dolltown forefront!


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