Spring Outfits for Little Darlings!


Our Little Darling early bird is ready for her friends to arrive! Easter Bunny is excited to see all the girls in their special spring clothes!


This year they are meeting up at the Picnic Fence. The bushes are leafed and flowers are out. The Easter Bunny has brought some treats in the tins. Little robin has joined the party.


Birdy loves that! An early robin friend!

Who's next?


It's Rosa!

Birdy and bff Rosa

Indira and bff Gossamer

Sweet bonnet, Gossamer!

What are you up to with little robin?

A robin hiding inside a china egg?


Chantal and bff Fig

Maggie and bff Jiyoon

Okay. That's enough photos for now!

Time to get some more of the girls!


Just as we are leaving, though, Jiyoon thinks she hears a birdy chirping.

(Hmmm yes, that robin is still in the yellow china egg.

Who will find it?)

Stay tuned...

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    April (Tuesday, 28 April 2020 15:58)

    To my darling little Darlings.... you all are the apple of my eye! Nothing brings a smile to my face faster than seeing your smiling faces. You are all so beautiful in your Easter outfits. Your pretty little outfits and the colorful background really brings out the holiday spirit, especially this year! Birdie---you are sunshine in that pretty yellow dress. And you, Jiyoon-- you are so very sweet in that gorgeous little dress, so soft, so pretty. By the way..Conner says hello. She's been busy helping me with my fashion reports, looking after the models. She sends her love.